Pregnancy And Missed Miscarriage

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rylee - May 8

How many people actually have missed miscarriages, where's there's no symptoms of it or anything? I had an u/s apr 29, the dr said the gestational sac measured 6 weeks, but there was only a yolk sac, no fetal pole, so I go in may 11 for another u/s. I'm very nervous that I've miscarried again because I had a miscarriage in Feb, but I started bleeding and had it naturally. I'm not having cramps or bleeding, but the dr said you can have a missed miscarriage but we want this so bad, I'm very nervous for this. The dr. also said that it could be too early to see anything, which I'm hoping is the case. Thanks for any info.


Michaela - May 8

Missed Miscarriages, are common. It is normal to not have symptoms at all. A missed miscarriage is when the body does not get rid of the fetus or the yolk sac, altho the fetus is dead. That occurs in only about 1% of pregnancies. So if the doctor did not see a fetus then you possibly did not have a missed miscarriage but an incomplete miscarriage when the body does not get rid of all the elements of pregnancy such as the yolk sac that was visible through your ultrasound. It is possible to not have any symptoms or anything during an incomplete or missed miscarriage. Usually the yolk sac and/or fetus will be removed with D&C. If an incomplete miscarriage happens later in pregnancy the doctor will have to induce labor and remove the fetus.I hope you haven't miscarried. I've had an incomplete miscarriage and a missed miscarriage before, it is horrible. *Baby dust to you*. Update us!


Jessie - May 8

Don’t start to worry yet. I had a u/s at 6 weeks and the doctor saw NOTHING, no fetal pole, no yolk sac, just the gestational sac. He had me come back two weeks later and there was our baby and yolk sac. Good luck to you.


rylee - May 8

Thanks for the support. Like I said before, I'm hoping that it was just too early to see anything. He said seeing the yolk sac was a good thing but I'm very very nervous about Wed. Just hoping for the best. Thanks again.


Maddie - May 9 and your baby are in my prayers, and I hope that you block out all the negative thoughts, and focus on a strong healthy little baby inside of you. God Bless!


Karen - May 9

All the best to you and your little one. My prayers are with you and your baby. Think positive and never forget the power of prayer.



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