Pregnancy And Tanning Beds

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P - February 19

Is it okay to go to tanning beds when you are pregnant?


erin - February 19



Donna - February 19

No it's not safe..think about the saftey of your baby before your own looks... you can get your tan back one you have your baby...for now i suggest you pay for a spray on tan thats best bet and works wonders :)


Ashley - February 19

Well I've done lots of research on this because I've been dying to tan... what I've come up with is that the actual bulbs in tanning cannot harm the baby. Its impossible for the rays to penetrate through your belly to the baby - there's alot of protection. However, the risk is that you may overheat your body and thats the major risk, especially in your first trimester. I personally think its too risky and given it up... I'm pale and feel gross but I really don't care.


ekay - February 19

I also heard that pregnancy hormones can cause your skin to change odd colors if you use a tanning bed. It stinks, I hate being so white. :-)


Lovely - February 19

No, it's definetly not safe.... for all the reasons listed above. I used to be a tanning salon manager years ago, and had first hand knowledge of this very situation. First, yes, you can over-heat, but you'd have to be in there a while, and if it's a reputable salon, they won't leave you in there for that long. Secondly, yes, with your horomones all out of whack, it can not only cause 'patchy tanning', you can get severly burned. You become much more susceptible to the uv rays, and can burn on your right side... while your left doesn't tan at all.(for example) and that goes for natural tanning too!!! Even the natural sunshine can cause a deep'browning woman to turn shades of pink, or *gasp* red!!! It's only 9 months! Use sunscreen, and hit the beach next year!!!


KM - February 19

mytic tans are good when preggo. They are just sugar,bronzer and aloe. If done right, it won't look fake or orangey. I did it while preggo for my prom and it turned out nice, lasted about 3 wks.



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