Pregnancy Book Paranoia

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venus_in_scorpio - April 21

is anyone else sick of those stupid pregnancy books talking down to us like we are a bunch of idiots? not only that I have found they serve no purpose other than to scare pregnant women. here you think youre getting good advice but I really think some of this stuff is stupid. like for example I have never heard of a liqueur filled candy causing fetal alcohol syndrome, and what exactly are the odds of getting sick from deli meat or getting cancer from artificial food coloring that is in EVERYTHING??? I mean come on a lot of the advice is good but is anyone else sick ad tired of being SCARED all the time??? its like "congrats youre pregnant.. BUT YOUR BABY WILL HAVE THIS PROBLEM UNLESS YOU RELOCATE TO A BUBBLE FOR 9 MONTHS" let me tell ya my mom was textbook good when she was pg with me and i wa sick the first 5 years of my life, have a bunch of allergies and asthma and anxiety issues... i think its possible that if you arent exposed to a little bit then your baby will be oversensitive. ya know? any thoughts? im so sick of this paranoia from the darn pregnancy books its not fair.


mandie - April 21

Yeah, I kinda agree. I mean, like you said, some stuff is good advice. Some things I might not have thought of if I hadn't read it somewhere. But you would think all the really important stuff your doctor or mom would tell you about. I stopped reading a lot because all i was doing was making myself paranoid and I didn't want to give myself high blood pressure on top of it all from worrying so much. I say use common sense, follow what your doctor tells you, listen to your own body, and just relax.


HannahBaby - April 21

one thing that i dont agree with is the Lunch meat statement. Listeria is EXTREMELY dangerous. and that is one of the main culprits. I agree with everything else but saying "well since i dont know anyone who got sick from lunch meat" is a bit nieve. The risk is real, and the result could be great. Theres a model (cant remember her name) who lost a baby at 3 month gestation due to listeria contamination. Thats something to be cautious about.


Erynn21 - April 21

I haven't gotten "What to Expect When you're Expecting" because I have heard from other women it freaked them out about everything. The lunch meat thing is true, it is also extremely rare. My doc gave me a book that didn't list that as something to be careful about, it wasn't until someone told me about a pregnant woman not eating sprouts that I came upon the deli meat thing in my research. Sprouts are also supposed to harbor salmonella and e-coli, I ate them before I read that info too. I have had coffee, I drank before I knew I was pg. have eaten sprouts and turkey sandwiches and am 21 wks. and can say my baby is a very healthy little girl, she's actually measuring big. I know that my stepsister was on bed rest for 4 months and read every pregnancy book and baby book out there and was completely paranoid about every aspect of my nephews life when he was born. So I can understand. Also the listeria thing is dangerous, but it's not just deli meat it's also unpasturized soft cheese that has that. I'd say just talk to your doc, and if you have any questions about a certain thing look up that specific info, that's what I've been doing and I've had a great pregnancy, htat has not been stress-filled.


pbj - April 21

I have to agree with HannahBaby...the only thing I would say I don't agree on is the lunch meat. Listeria is extremely dangerous, if you get it you can do serious harm to your child. If I ate lunchmeat when pregnant, I just nuked it in the micro for a few seconds to kill any funk on it. "What to Expect When You're Expecting" can be a bit extreme, but I still found some valuable info in it.


venus_in_scorpio - April 21

ok listeria may be bad yes but who actually gets it???


Patti - April 21

Actually, my friend lost her baby at 30 weeks to listeria. She never could pinpoint where she got it, because she was so sick. It was fast. 12 hours from when she first got sick she went to the Dr. and there was no heartbeat. Then she was on IV antibiotics for 2 weeks. It is very rare to be that serious, but very real.


HannahBaby - April 22

Im so sorry about your friend Patti. Its sad that so many people just b__w it off when even thought its rare, its something that does happen!! I always aire on the side of caution so i LIKED what to expect when your expecting. I didnt see any bad advice or anything that freaked me out. There are precautions out there just to protect us and keep us educated. I dont feel paranoid. My dr is a real "in and out" doctor and they take forever to call back if you have a question, and sometimes they dont at all, so ive used WTEWYW as my bible. If your a paranoid person you shouldent read the books, or sniff around on line.


Erynn21 - April 22

HannahBaby-I can see why you would enjoy having that book, my dc. answers every question within a few hours, I have only had a couple, I've also had an extremely easy pregnancy. I've been cautious also about things, but haven't been paranoid. I think that some people take any and all information too seriously, and if your doc is in and out it's hard to get any answers. I feel lucky because my doc is always there for me, and her staff is also awesome.


mommatx - May 3

Women have been having babies for centuries under less than ideal conditions. Even though I say that, I am very cautious and avoid lunchmeat and such. But I also read an article about how being TOO cautious can actually be counterproductive. It went along the same line of thought as the idea that getting sick builds up your immune system. but, hey, I'm no expert. Tons of people absolutely raved to me about how wonderful the What to Expect book was. I didnt think it was so great. A Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy is a good one that doesnt scare too much. And I really like the book I'm Pregnant. Its almost like a text book but reads much easier, with more info than what to expect.


CaliTrish - May 4

I know what you mean about the books. I stopped reading mine daily after the first trimester. It does seem like they focus on the negative, but I believe that's sort of what they're for. If everything is going great and you're feeling fine, would you bother to check a book? They prepare you for the worst, but you've gotta read them with a grain of salt. Be prepared, but don't be paranoid. These days, I just use them as a reference just to see if some symptom is normal. Most of the food precautions are for very rare possibilities like listeria, salmonella, e-coli, etc. which may only make you sick of a while but can have fatal consequences to a fetus. It's all about weighing the risk. Is it really so much trouble to wash your vegetables, cook your deli meats & spouts, and avoid some soft cheeses & fish to avoid risking the life of your unborn child?



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