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Ruby - February 14

Are there any books out there that are about how to enjoy your pregnancy and not worry so much? Every book I pick up is about the dangers during pregnancy, what can go wrong etc. I think there is too much paranoia about miscarriage these days. There IS an 80% chance I will have this baby. I am 6weeks pregnant and it seems everyone I've told thinks I should have kept it to myself until the first trimester is over. That is so frustrating and it's stressing me out! What are your thoughts on this?


Anne - February 14

The idea of keeping it quiet is in case stuff goes wrong. I think if the worst happens, there are good and bad things whether you've kept it quiet or told the world! When I lost a baby at 3 months, it was hard to face everyone that knew and to deal with their sympathy and awkwardness. On the other hand, I think it would have been harder for me to have been as upset as I was and for no-one to know why! With a successful pregnancy, it is definitely best for everyone to know from early on. Then they know why you keep falling asleep at your desk! The best pregnancy book by far that I read was "the best friends guide to pregnancy" by Vicky Lovine - brutally honest (and funny) without scaremongering.


Emily - February 14

Ruby, I loved your post. I am still ttc but I have thought about the same things. While I know a lot of people who have had miscarriages, I also know a lot of people who have not. Most of these people told everyone right away. I am not sure yet what I will do when my time comes but I was recently thinking about that 80% statistic and I agree with you in that positive thinking is the best way to go, provided you understand the possibility that something can go wrong. I have also heard that Anne's suggestion for a book is a good one. Think that I'll pick it up, too.


kim - February 14

omg, i feel the same stress!! i'm starting my seventh week and all i think about is moving the wrong way and maybe having a miscarriage (i'm so paranoid!). so did you read somewhere that there is an 80 percent chance or did a doc tell you?? just wondering cause i read somewhere it's 1 in 3 m/c's for every pregnancy b4 the 1st trimester


alani - February 15

i feel the same exact way as you all do...i work two a sectretary in one and the other is about as not doing anything hard...but i still worry to pick anything up...or simple everyday things


J - February 15

I know what you mean I have a 2 year old I worked the entire pregnancy and told everyone right away. I had a m/c in Nov. and I told everyone I was pregnant and sadly had to tell everyone that I lost the baby. Now I am about 6 weeks and haven't told anyone but my in laws and my parents. I am going to keep it to myself until the ultrasound. It is personal choice. I know what you mean about the books. I have several and am not even going to pick one up at this point. Talk about discouraging! I have been taking it easy and trying not to stress. Those books do nothing but scare you even more and open your mind to horrible possibilities.


Lyn - February 15

This book is really funny and has good facts in it it is Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy...she isnt the most serious person but is alot of the info is stuff most pregnant women do go through...


kaitlin - February 15

i got a book from my dr. its called what to expect when your really helps and i loved that book..i dont know who its by though.


Maleficent - February 15

the what to expect books are full of complications and all sorts of freakish ways things can go wrong. if your already paranoid choose a differnt book.



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