Pregnancy By Fingering

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NoOne1245 - February 5

ok, me and my g/f were fooling around on Jan 26th, she uasally has her periods around the end of the month, she was giving my a hand job but her hand got tired so she stopped,i think that maybe a little bit of sperm came out for no reason, but i doubt it im just so parenoid im thinking of stuff, anyway, she stopped, we kissed for a few mins. then i started to finger her, when i was done we put our clothes back on, that was all that happened, on like the 29th or 1st she said she missed her period, is she pregnant?!!!!!


Shannon - February 6

um NO lol you can't get someone pregnant by fingering. haven't you taken a s_x ed cla__s yet? a girl can only get pregnant with sperm in her v____a. so unless you actually inserted you p___s in her or came in your hand and then shoved the sperm in her right away LOL then no, she's not pregnant.


SaraH - February 6

Actually you can get pregnant from fingering IF you had sperm on you finger. Pregnancies do occur from contact that does not involve actual 'p___s in the v____a' intercourse (i.e. a contact pregnancy). Contact pregnancies are not super common but they do occur. If you touch yourself get sperm on your hand then finger her she could get pregnant. If she touches herself after touching you and has sperm on her hand she could get pregnant. The chances are slim that she is pregnant, but not impossible. Always be careful to wash your hands off prior to toutching her if you think that there are any sperm on them. If she still hasn't gotten her period soon, then have her take a pregnancy test just to be safe.


SaraH - February 6

oh, by the way if she was expecting her period on the 29th or around the 1st, then the 26th of Jan would have been after she had already ovulated so, it would have been to late in her cycle for her to get pregnant.


CMAgrad07 - February 6

I'm guessing you are .....14??...15?? And at that age it's normal for her periods to be sort of irregular...She'll get it soon don't worry and unless you touched your p___s and it had s____n on it there's no way it's even possible... even if you did have some on your finger's really unlikely. BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU'RE DOING....If you're going to mess around wrap it up buddy...


tyler0323 - February 6

she gave you a hand job, but you fingered her, which means you didnt touch the semin, if any, with your hands. slim to none chance of her being prego.


Bellasmomma - February 6

hahahahahahahahah....sorry....this just cracked me up!


Grandpa Viv - February 6

If her period was due 1/30 then ovulation would have been 1/16, and s____n in the v____a 1/12 thru 1/17 might have been a problem. On 1/26 the egg should have been history. She may also be joshing you about her period being late, just to see what kind of reaction she gets. Get educated, be prepared. Good luck!



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