Pregnancy Depression

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~d - August 9

I've heard of post partem depression, but has anyone heard of depression during pregnancy? I just started my 2nd trimester and my dr put me on antidepressants because of depression. I know I have all the symptoms and am hoping the meds work, I'm just shocked because there is so much info about post partem, but not much out there about pregnancy depression.


Reni - August 9

~d, YES, YES, YES! I'm glad I'm not alone, and I'm sorry to hear what you are going through because I can so relate. Since I found out I was pregnant on July 4, I've been a depressed mess, completely unhappy and barely functioning during the week, then totally collapsing on the weekends. I just had the worst weekend yet - did not get out of bed whatsoever and just cried and slept the whole time. I'm not sure what your situation is, but I've had three miscarriages, the most recent one in March, and this pregnancy was unplanned and unexpected. Sometimes I'm happy about it but most of the time I'm sad. I'm going through the motions of prenatal care and today I had an ultrasound with a radiologist due to my history. Wouldn't you know, everything looks absolutely perfect, perfect size, beating heart, etc. I was SICK when I should have been ecstatic! I'm 8w5d and can't imagine another 7 months in this state of mind, and what if I get post-partum depression then? My partner is already freaking out - he can barely handle me now! Sometimes I wish I would have another miscarriage. I'm also thinking about terminating but don't feel I have it in me, and I'm afraid that afterwards I would feel even worse than I do now! What to do? I sincerely hope you get the quick relief you need with your meds. Depression is a HORRIBLE DARK place to be. Please let me know how you progress. I'm thinking about you and wishing you the best!


leslie - August 9

well I don't know if my depression has been as bad as yours...but from what I felt, its a HORRIBLE FEELING :( I think is worse than morning sickness, fever, stomach pains. When I think about it i get soo scared just to think I could feel like that again or that I can get postpartum depression, I told my doctor about it and she told me that it was just hormones, that if I didn't think about harming myself or the baby that it wasn't that bad..I can't belive it gets worse! all I could think about was death. about everyone that I love dying, it was horrible and then weekends were the worse, I would go out and feel worse than being home..just this past weekend I kind of started feeling like that again and just to think that I was going to get depressed made me sick, I wanted to cry, thank God it went away after talking about it with hubby..hope you girls feel better soon and those medications they gave you work...


Kristen - August 10

Hello to both of you. I went through everything I could find in an attempt to get some more information on depression during pregnancy. That is how I found this site. I have been a mess lately too. I have been feeling so overwhelmed by thoughts of the future, how much my life is changing (I am not married - 25 years old and moving out of my really nice apartment downtown to move in with my boyfriend in his house that needs tons of work that will probably never be finished). I am sad that my friends seem to be continuing along with their lives and get to have so much fun. I am just an absolute mess. I have not thought any hurtful thoughts toward me or the baby, but I just wish that I could get my life back. My doctor also told me this is hormones, but I don't think hormones would make me cry and feel so horribly alone and cold. I don't feel a connection to my baby yet and I am 13 weeks pregnant - that makes me feel even worse. I wish you both the best and I will keep you in my thoughts.


Anne - August 10

It's totally normal to be depressed during pregnancy. Hormones are everywhere and you're going through a life altering change. I take anti-depressants (which my doc said will not hurt the baby). That may help.


Reni - August 11

~d, leslie, Kristen, & Anne - how are you all feeling today? Just thought I would check in as the weekend is approaching and that seems to be the worst time for me. I'm hanging on by a thread! Kristen, I can relate to your situation too. I feel absolutely no connection to this baby whatsoever. Half the time I think of it as a life sucking/draining parasite that I wish would go away! Truly horrible, I know, but I feel no connection with this baby at all. I'm also talking about moving in with my boyfriend but I HATE his house - very bachelor, stark, dark, cave-like which would not help the depression at all. It has the potential to be really cute but I don't think he would let me do anything to it. He had a fit when I wanted to paint a wall to give it some color! I'm also soooo tired of hearing about "hormones" doing this, aren't you all? And if we are not "suicidal" then no one really wants to help us. Well, just wanted to see how you all are feeling today, and let you know I am thinking of you and hoping you are well. All the best to each of you!


leslie - August 11

hey Reni, I am fine thanks for asking! I know what you mean about weekends been the worst..hopefully I won't feel like this anymore..maybe if we try writting on a paper all things we are greatful in life will help? I don't know I seriously can't think of anything that made me feel better..well I think that talking to someone with positive att_tude will help, now that I remember it did kind of help me when I talked to someone about how I was feeling, also watching a funny movie helped me too ! whenever you need someone to talk to I am here! and I hope you feel better..


Valerie - August 12

Hi Girls! Talk of the life-sucking parasite rings a bell, as well as not feeling a connection, as well as an unplanned pregnancy etc. I felt like this throughout the first trimester. The second was up and down and the third... I'm now in my 33rd week... well, the pregnancy is harder to cope with in terms of back pain, swollen ankles etc. but I am starting to feel a connection. The baby moves a lot more and you get used to him/her. I am starting to want to see the baby and the depression isn't as bad. I don't cry as much and I feel stronger emotionally - I've gotten this far after all! You guys will be OK too, we can get through this and even though the conditions aren't ideal, we'll sort something out. Yes we're missing out on going out, but maybe what we're getting ourselves into will be more rewarding in the end! Take care all, lots of love and stay strong - but moan all you like on the forum, it feels good to have a grump with people that feel the same!



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