Pregnancy Is Confusing

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LilMomma - June 13

I was told by my doctor that since i am 34 weeks that if she is born now then she will be fine. We know she is atleast 5 lbs. as of right now. He told me if I went into labor now or sooner then it would be ok. See its weird when I leak. I don't know if its urine, amniotic fluids, or discharge. I mean its clear I go to the doctor this thursday so i think it will be ok until then but i think the braxton hicks is turning into real contractions. who knows i guess ill ask my doctor thursday


Lala - June 13

I really don't know why OB/GYN say that it's fine to have a preemie! Well, I do know why--once the baby is born, they have no responsibilty for it. It becomes the neo-natal teams sole responsibility. Many 34 weeker end up on ventillators! Think about it, why would NICU have to attend the delivery if it was not an at-risk delivery? Most all 34 weeker go into the NICU at birth! Do you know what that does to initial bonding? It's impossible! You can't jump off that delivery bed while the doc is sewing you up to run after your baby into the NICU--not that you'd want to see the nurses pocking it for blood tests. Some preemies are born because there was nothing to prevent it, and thank goodness for NICU's!!! However, what gets me is how many are born because "a month and a half early is just fine". Who really believes that???? Give your all to your baby. Try and hold out! Best rest if you have to. It's for your baby!******If your water is ruptured, you most certanly should not wait days! Your baby can get an infection. There is a simple test to tell the difference between urine and amniotic fluid. You can put on a pad and go to the L&D department at the hospital to be checked. BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!


Been There - June 13

Keep drinking lots of fluids to keep the fluid level sac up, just in case. Lala is right about a couple of things. First, the OB/GYN shouldn't say it's fine to have a preemie. That makes no sense. Second, you can just have a quick test done to see if you are leaking amniotic fluid or not.



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