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Myth - October 23

Hi, My hubby and I are trying to conceive, and we've heard many "tips" about how to conceive ASAP. Can anyone verify if the following are true? 1) You must raise your legs for at least 15 mins. after intercourse so the sperms can swim up to your uterus faster. 2) Don't pee after s_x so the sperms won't get washed out. 3) The hubby should save up before ovulation in order to maximize efforts. 4) Lie in bed after intercourse and don't stand up.


Lisa - October 23

This probably had nothing to do with it but I curled myself into a ball and rocked back and forth...and I did not pee for a while afterwards even though I really wanted to. I don't think gravity has anything to do with it because it's inside your body but my husband and I were trying a little over a year and I was getting desperate, I did not want to go to see my doctor for help. I'm now entering my 21nd week.


JK - October 24

I suggest trying every other day your whole cycle and see what happens. My hubby and I did this and got pregnant the first month. We started as soon as my period ended until I tested positive!! Im now in my 10th week.


Jbear - October 24

There might be some truth to the husband and I didn't use birth control at all during the first eight years of our marriage. The two times I concieved were the only times that I fell asleep afterwards (didn't get up to pee). I've heard about raising your legs but I didn't try it. Also, about saving up sperm before ovulation...that might be useful if your husband is older or has a low sperm count, otherwise I don't think it matters much. Also, I've heard you shouldn't take ibuprofen when you're TTC. Good luck!


Melissa - October 24

OK, for me, we did it missionary. I then layed back and elevated my legs, but not too much. If you put your legs up too high then this can cause the s____n to actually go behind the cervix and this will not get you pregnant. So elevate, but not too much. I used an ovulator predictor kit which said I was going to ovulate in the 24-48 hours. We got pregnant our very first try. We got lucky. We did not have s_x every night. Maybe every 4 or 5 nights. Just take the predictor test and this will tell you the optimum time. It's east, just like a home pregnancy test.


Jewell24 - October 24

Well I was told to stay lying down for 20 mins after to give the sprem a good chance of reaching the egg. And yes I heard and read it's good for the man not to "c_m" for 24 hours before. I got pregnant on our first trying following this.


Myth - October 27

Thanks ladies for your feedback. My hubby and I will continue our baby making efforts. =)


Tracy - October 27

I put a pillow under my b___t, did not pee, and kept my legs up for about 20 minutes. We had been trying for 8 months, and the month I did that I got pregnant. 4 weeks to go!!!!


rl - October 27

for me I just did not get up to go pee after s_x and got pregnant the 2nd month of trying good luck


jena - October 28

i hate it when people fight on here - anyways, i got pregnant really fast when i started taking 15 minutes to lay down after s_x before peeing - but you do have to pee sometime after so you don't get an infection. i think there is some truth to every single one of these myths - there was for me, at least. the every other day method is the best so your hubby can save up sperm... throughout your cycle, even if you think you have already ovulated and there is no chance - there still is! good luck :)


Brandy - October 28

Have s_x every other day, and you've got a better shot. Also, if you orgasm you could have a better chance.


Gemma - October 29

I think that these are all myths. weeing after s_x will not stop you getting pregnant and anyway wee comes out of the urethra not the v____a. I am not sure that raising your hips with a pillow after s_x won't help but you can still get pregnant without doing that and even with you on top as the sperm swim. GOOD LUCK


Elisha - October 29

Having s_x every other day beginning on the 11th day (1st day being the 1st day you see blood--the start of your period) and going to day 17 is much better than saving up....old sperm is as bad as too little sperm.


MereMale - November 19

Readers might be interested in this web site which is allegedly written by experts ... and says that raising legs will help!


I think - November 19

the only reason why you shouldn't pee after s_x if you are trying to concieve relates to "myth" numbers 2 and 4. If you are not trying to concieve then getting up after s_x to pee is a good thing because it may prevent a UTI by flushing out the urethra. I do not think these are myths at all, it makes perfect sense since getting up after s_x s____n tends to leak out of some women leaving fewer sperm. The real problem is gravity. Urinating doesn't prevent pregnancy for the reason someone else stated. Urine comes from the urethra, not the v____a.


m - November 21

i have heard of doing all those things and the first month i tried them all i conceived. until then i had been doing some but not others sometimes, sometimes not, but when i was consistent it was first month. also, we had s_x almost every day. good luck!!


Shannon - November 21

I tried all that stuff and it worked for me!!



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