Pregnancy Possible Without Ejaculation

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Jade - January 29

Had unprotected intercourse but my boyfriend did not ejaculate (he withdrew well ahead of time); no pre-c_m was present; I was not in the "fertile" stage of my cycle. Is it still possible to get pregnant?


Katzgrau - January 30

Before I answer your question, I would like to say that all men pre-ejaculate; some more than others. The Question here, however, is does it contain sperm. According to very recent and very reliable studies (most notably "Contraceptive Technology" by Robert Hatcher), pre-ejaculate has no sperm present. Pre-ejaculate is emitted by the cowper's gland during s_xual arousal. The cowper's gland does NOT have the ability to produce sperm cells. That is the job of the testes. The only times, however, there IS sperm in the pre-ejaculate is when there was an earlier ejaculation and sperm from the last one had gotten mixed with the newer "pre-c_m". But even this amount of sperm is in the hundreds (some say thousands) and is generally not the numbers needed to concieve. That fact that you were not in yur fertile time is also a bonus. Even though you can technically ovulate any time in your cycle, chances are (if you have a fairly regualar cycle) that you were on schedule. I find it amazing the amount of false information that tends to be present in preganancy message boards. A recent message from this forum went as far as saying the "pre-c_m" actually has more sperm present than the actual c_m. This is distustingly inaccurate. The reason for withdrawal's high failure rate is very often the male. Most failures occur due to the man's inability to withdraw in time. This is especially common in teenagers who are new to intercourse and/or don't know their bodes yet. They may get so excited they ejaculate before they have time to react. Or, a man may ejaculate and not tell the woman. Or he may pull out, but leave s____n on the outside of your v____a because he pulled out still too late. So, in all, that fact that he pulled out in time is really the deciding factor. While we can say anything is possible, your chance of pregnancy is practically nothing. By the way, I have posted this before, and I probably won't stop until someone gives me feedback. I wrote a calculator for people like yourself who need hlp for situations like that. It calculates the chances of pregnancy given different types of contraception (including withdrawal, and timing ovulation) by themselves or even together. I wrote this program for the people who have tons of questions but want answers practically immediatly. Its free, and I gaurentee you won't have any problems running it. Thanks.


Katzgrau - January 30

The Contraception Calculator:


Jade - January 30

Response: Dear Katzgrau Thank you for your response. Apparently there was no sperm present in the pre-c_m(which is what I meant to say!) . And you're right...there's a lot of info on forums that have inaccurate information, so I've been really stressed out trying to figure out which to trust. Thanks so much for the response, and also the link to your website. But I don't plan on consulting it until AFTER I get married and try to conceive! This situation I find myself in was a huge mistake , especially when pregnancy should be something I look forward to, and not dread.


Emmamiller - October 27

Hi I would like to ask the chance of getting pregnant with no ejaculation and the fact that I have PCOS. My period is late this month but a week before my period was due I lost my virginity to my fiancé 


Grandpa Viv - October 27

YouToo? Not much chance. PCOS and no ejaculation and not in fertile window all argue against pregnancy. Run a test to be sure. 



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