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Anonymous - November 22

I took a pregnancy test this past Saturday and received a positive result. About 1 hour later, I took a second test and again received a positive result. However, today I began bleeding as though I was having my normal period. I called my local hospital and they did not seem alarmed -- they suggested that I make an appointment with my OB/GYN for tomorrow and informed me not to worry unless I start experiencing severe cramps. What could be the cause of this? What is the liklihood that both tests were a false positive?


Lacy - November 22

I dont know too much about this, but I have heard of several women having a regular period throughout their pregnancy. Some people dont even know they are for a long time, because they never miss one. I would also guess that its not very likely for you to get 2 false positives. You might be able to get false negatives when you are pregnant, because it is too early to tell. I would guess that you are! But tell your doc about the bleeding, because I dont want you to think the worst, but it could mean some kind of complication. I hope all is well, and please update!


Allie - November 23

My sister had normal "period" type bleeding first trimester with both of her daughters, and they are now 11 and 13...I had it with my last prgnancy and it was signaling an ectopic pregnancy (which ruptured b/c the doc didn't want to see me until I was almost 12 weeks regardless of the bleeding). I will say a prayer for you that you are like my sister, and nothing is wrong.


HH - November 23

Let me just say I have no way to know what is happening with you specifically, but sometimes woemn get a very early positive and then a period because the baby just didn't stick. I know someone who seemed to have periods, too. I'm sure you are really stressed. I hope everything is okay for you. hugs.


Anonymous - November 25

Thanks for the info, everyone! I had a blood test done Wednesday, so I will have the results back by Monday as to whether or not I am truly pregnant. I will also update on the results and the follow-up as to the bleeding. Thanks for your support!!!



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