Pregnancy Right After Miscarriage

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k. - February 22

Hi everyone, I had a miscarriage on February 4, at 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I know they say to wait at least one cycle but we are still not using any protection, just letting mother nature take it's course. My cycles are usually 26 days long but I realize that it won't be the case this time. I would have normally ovulated around the 18th but I have the egg-white cervical mucous starting today so I think my chances will be good. Have any of you got pregnant right after a miscarriage whether is was before an AF came or just one AF. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait to be pregnant again.


Monique - February 23

K., I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks last May. I couldn't WAIT to get pregnant again either. Then I realized after a month of non-protected s_x and no pregnancy that the waiting period is MORE for emotional and psychological reasons than physical. I just wanted to replace my loss, I hurt soooo bad. cycles have been 28 days for 20 years. My first period after m/c was exactly 28 days, the next was 26, the next was 27!! We were having unprotected s_x, every month I was CONVINCED I had every sign/symptom... but got BFN's in June, July and August!! My desire to replace my loss lead to a lot of frustraion and stress in my relationship (not too mention $$ on all of those HPT's). So my dh and I had a loooong heart to heart in August and agreed to wait until the first of the year--to take the pressure off and just heal. WELL.... a few weeks later I took my last HPT just to get them all out of the house and I got a BFP!!! I was SHOCKED. It was the only month I hadn't tried since the miscarriage!! I'm now 30 weeks!! So, the moral of this very long story (lol)--my advice is to NOT try so hard. It WILL drive you batty!! Relax for a couple months and IT WILL HAPPEN!! Good Luck and tons of Baby Dust!!!!!


Been There - February 23

I miscarried in September and my next regular cycle started the end of October. I'm now 16 weeks along from getting pregnant that cycle. Baby's fine and perfectly healthy.


rizo123ex4 - February 23

Hi i had a natural m/c in may and 3wks later got pg i had my little Lilleigh on Jan 25th she is the light of our world :) Good Luck !!


The real Lynn - February 23

I had a miscarriage, d & c and one week later got pregnant and now have a healthy 21 month old girl. I didnt even wait until first period showed up.


k. - February 24

Hi girls, it's nice to hear success stories. We are not trying too hard Monique, but I would certainly be happy if it happened. I also had a natural miscarriage Rizo, and physically and emotionally I really do feel fine....Good luck to everyone. Rizo, I seen the pics of your baby....gorgous....



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