Pregnancy Ruins Your Teeth

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Foxy - April 20

I've been drinking milk like crazy and been extra careful with my teeth. I go to the dentist every 6 months and yet today I found a hole in one of my back teeth! I heard an old wive's tale that you lose a tooth for every child. My sister in law never had a filling in her life before she was pregnant but afterwards needed 5 fillings! Anyone else had dental problems yet? Any advice? I'm worried that if I have the 3 children I'm planning to have, I'll end up a toothless old hag!


Billie - April 20

I also heard that pregnancy ruins your teeth but my dentist said just to keep doing what your doing. Keep flossing and brushing at least twice a day. And it's also a good idea to get them cleaned at least once during pregnancy. Good luck!


LYNN - April 20

my friend started having bad tooth problems when she got pregnant with her first, and with her second she got horrible toothaches and had to have a partial root ca___l and eventually had to have some teeth pulled. I've heard that it's just an old wives tale and not really true, but my friend sure had bad teeth problems, and never did before she got pregnant.


Davida - April 20

I'm about 9wks pregnant now and have been having gum pain ever since! My gums bleed when I brush, which has happened before but never this pain! What a joy!


Katie - April 20

It's not just a wives tale. Your baby needs alot of calcium to form strong bones and teeth for him/herself. Your body is the only resource, so you need to get as much calcium as you can! I'm 7 weeks pregnant, and already my teeth seem a bit sensitive. My prenatal vitamins have 250mg's of calcium in them, but I make sure to get extra calcium from other sources. You can get extra calcium from yogurt, cheese, milk, and orange juice that has been fortified w/ calcium (Tropicana makes a good OJ w/ extra calcium and vitamin D, so I been drinking a gla__s here and there when I can.). Normal women should have at least 2 servings of calcium a day, to help prevent osteoporisis, but us Mum's need extra, if we want strong babies! I hope this helps you ladies. Take care, Kate


tara - April 20

I've heard that pregnancy can effect your teeth (but nothing about loosing teeth for every child) and effect your eye sight. I just take better care of my teeth but there is nothing I can do about my eye sight except hope it'll get better after giving birth. But this thread reminds me to make a dentist appointment to have everything checked out.


April - April 20

My doctor warned me about the effects pregnancy has on your teeth... but like billie said... brush and floss at least twice a day and get them cleaned at least once... and you should be alright... plus make sure you're getting enough calcium as well as other nutrients because your body provides for your baby first and you second!



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