Pregnancy Stupidity

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Colleen - October 31

Is there such a thing as being or feeling absent minded while pregnant?


dani - October 31

Oh yes, there definitley is and I've been experiencing it lately. It's kinda scary sometimes some of the things I forget. I can't wait to get my brain back....ha ha.


STEPH - October 31

HAHA! yepper! i have been forgetting things left and right!


Colleen - October 31

Me either!! It's embaressing seriously, especially while I am at work. Jez, my co-workers even make this sucking sound to refer to the baby sucking my brain out if you can believe that-ha ha yea right!


~m~ - October 31

Heck yes, girl! I forget so much. And I say some of the stupidest things sometimes. Look at it like this, it's only a temporary thing. Some people are strapped with infinite stupidity... LOL.


K - October 31

Me too I say the stupidest things sometimes & don't realize it until later on. I forgot something the other day but I forgot what it was!! LOL


jb - October 31

Yes! Its call baby brain. Happens to the best of us :o)


teigan - November 1

omg yessss... i made a complete fool of myself in asda twice yesterday, i walked around for a hour forgeting what i wanted so asked someone who worked there if they knew what i wanted, she just laughed but i was been serious, i came out with bread? i have 4 loaves already, then at the checkout i just stood there in a daze completley confused, god help me x


Becky - November 1

YES!! I think I'm losing my mind! I didn't realize that it would be like this. Is it the pregnancy that causes it, or because we are stressing/anticipating/preparing??


L - November 1

No. I don't have an immediate link to it, but I have read an actual scientific study done on the subject that showed that, if anything, mental faculties increase slightly during pregnancy.


Amy - November 1

Ha yes! I don't know anyone who has been pregnant and not felt like their brain was shrinking as their belly grew! I remember going to WalMart just to run in for 5 seconds and not being able to remember where I parked my car - it was awful I had to walk around the entire parking lot and almost cried! Haha good luck with that!


A - November 2

Ha, ha! I went to the doctor's office for my pregnancy check-up a few days ago and the nurse gave me a cup to pee in for the regular urine test. Well, guess what - I took it, went to the bathroom, peed directly in the toilet and came back empty-handed:). Within 30 seconds I had forgotten what I was supposed to do....And I feel like I am getting dumber by the hour....So, you sure are in good company....


Anyone?? - November 2

Does anyone have any doctors advice about it? Being stupid that is.


Beth S - November 2

definately and unfortunately ive noticed that even after having the baby i still have my moments alot


mom of 4 - November 2 is called exhaustion!!


clumsy - November 2

And it's also clumsiness. I already stopped keeping track of how many gla__ses and plates I've broken over the last 8 months...


to collen - November 3

yes it makes you absent minded without a doubt i went to the bank to draw some money out from the machine .only an hour later realised i hadnt taken my money out ,luckily it went back in and i got it back.i have become very forgetful and am only 7 weeks dreading how bad it will become lol



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