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jen23 - October 9

hi everyone, im new to this forum. found out yesterday im pregnant and have noticed my urine is really dark in colour also had lots of cramps low down in abdo. br___ts really sore and lots of mood swings. i cant stop eating neither even waking up in middle of night to eat. anyone else the same????


k. - October 9

Hey Jen, I have a couple of more days to test, wasn't planning on getting pregnant this month but we'll see, about 4 DPO I had cramps in my lower abdomen and lower back for 2 days, just like AF.... weird, and I am not able to tell implantation from ovulation pains, I never had ovulation pains in my life. And I did notice this morning that my pee was really dark yellow, almost thick..but not sure if that's a pregnancy sign. I did a HPT which had a faint line but I got evaps on that test before so I am waiting until Thurs. morning to test again. Keep in touch.


jen23 - October 9

going docs today at 5.30 so will check with him. dont know bout u but im really hungry all the time!!!


k. - October 9

when did you have cramps in your lower abdomen.... mine started at about 5 - 6 days after O, if I O'd, that could have been O.... rrrr... can't wait to test again, but like I sad, I had lower abdominal and lower back cramps for 2 days, just a constant pressure and pulling feeling, was yours anything like that.


newlywed0915 - October 11

yep, I'm 23 days late and have been experiencing the cramping, pulling, and pinching in abdomen since the week my period skipped....!!!!Ladies, are we pregnant, or what?!!!!!


dixie14 - October 11

Hi I am 10 days late now, and I am experiencing all the same things as you but got negative test, last Friday. Am testing again tomorrow morning. I think that we all might be, lets hope so. Good luck to you all.


travissgrl06 - October 11

i am having the same thing.... i am not cramping like pms cramps but like streching or pulling... its really hard to explain. and my upper back hurt for a few days when i was about 3to4 dpo. I am now about 9 dpo and still feeling the pressure in abdomen. and my b___bs and nipples get these pains on anf off all day. And my right ovary is kinda hurting today. and my pee is really dark too. I guess we will see... And i have been breaking out wich i never do!!


newlywed0915 - October 15

I got my BFP after af was 25 days late!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!



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