Pregnancy Symptoms With IUD

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natalie1234 - September 20

I have read some post about possible pregnancies with IUD's in place. I have not been able to find many updates to those post. I am curious to know if anyone has became pregnant with an IUD and if so I am interested in information about you pregnancy. I am having all of my previous symptoms of pregnancy and missed period, but a negative HPT. In desperate need of some information. PLEASE HELP!!!!!


kinkymink - September 22

Hi! I have had mirena for 2 1/2 years. I have recently been feeling pregnant myself. Not just pms like some docs try to convince me it is. I spoke to the people at mirena, and they said it was pretty much impossible to get pregnant if it is in place. I asked them if it was common to be feeling these symptoms so long after the device was placed, they said the mirena was not causing pregnancy symptoms. They were no help at all. I have not felt my strings in over a year and a half, and I have not had a period since I bled for 4 months after it was placed. I have had constant cramping with this thing, and even s_x has been painful at times. I wanted it removed, but since my gp can't find the strings she is going to refer me to a gyne. I would have recommended this device with glowing ratings, but now I'm starting to see that it messes with your body just like the pill. Maybe more, 'cause on the pill you still get your period. I finally talked to a s_xual health nurse who told me that the hormone in the mirena has probably changed slightly, and that is why I had been feeling pregnant. She suggested I replace it. I don't thinlk I will, though. That does explain my symtoms. I kid you not, I felt pregnant for like 3 weeks! cramping on right side, sore b___sts, morning sickness, food cravings, smells turned me off etc. etc. But all hpt's were neg and beta hcg's were neg. THANK GOD!!!! I have researched alot 'cause I truly thought I was pregnant, and it seems like many women get these symtoms with mirena. I kind of have the feeling all th cramping is my body trying to push it out. I now do not recomend this device, and I'm going to push for my man to get snipped! Enough f****ing with my body! If we ever want another child, we can save some of his swimmers at the sperm bank. We as women really need to a__sert ourselves about birth control! Men seem to think that because its US who get pregnant WE should mess up our bodies to have s_x, which is 9 times out of ten better for the man anyways?!!!!! Ladies, if you are considering birth control please research all forms thoroghly. It is YOUR body, and feeling pregnant when you were a__sured that it could not happen is very disturbing. I personally am at a loss....where the hell is the male pill?


ceiinwyn - December 23

well I think I'm about as close as I can get. I'm seven days late and I have the copper IUD. Like most women when considering the IUD feel it's foolproof enough to feel confident and rea__sured that pregnancy is not possible while in tact. The first HPT tests that I took were negative. Rea__suring to an extent. However last night I took one and I got a faint positive. The bad control line took FOREVER to appear so I wonder on the crediblity of the test. You can have a normal pregnancy with the IUD intact throughout the whole gestation. However problmes have been reported and I recommend removign the IUD if found pregnant. I'm going to wait another day or two to rest and call the doctors once again. They're only solution as of now is to wait, retest and call back. So it's a long process. Ectopic pregnancies are possible with the IUD and are a__sociated with LOW HCG hormones causing negative HPT's. So being that I think I could possibly be preggers, I'm going to wait and retest. However If I don't get anything by next month (which is my limit) I'm going to demand an ultra sound....i believe that when all else fails a u/s will find anything that is or is not there. Good luck natalie.


SArkansas - September 21

I am also looking for answers. I have had the Mirena Iud for 2 1/2 years. I haven't had a period since before I was pregnant with my last child. I was b___stfeeding when it was inserted. I have had very mild pregnancy symptoms that have been easy to dismiss; however recently I feel that I AM pregnant. I could swear that I feel the baby. I feel it in my ribs and can feel the pressure to the point I can pinpoint where in my stomach the baby is at any current moment. Its not just occasional its ever present. I took 3 negative urine tests. It didn't seem right. I went to the doctor expecting a positive blood test and again it was negative. I am very concerned. It feels so much like pregnancy. I am still in disbelief. How can this be possible when I am so certain. The only possible the doctor suggested is maybe its my bowels??? The IUD is apparently in place no problems there, But I don't have a problem in the bathroom if you know what I mean. SO what kind of monster is inside of me??? Has anyone else felt anything close to this and did it go away? I was guessing to be around 20 weeks which would line up with the movement and sudden popping out of my stomach (which happened in one week's time). Also I was on some antibiotics and other medications around that time frame. I am in good physical condition. I exercise regularly P90 X.. My snacks or possible cravings include a can of green beans, eggs, and turkey no bread. SO tell me what the XXXX is going on with my body.. I would rather be pregnant than dead.


missbossy - June 14

i am on the iud and it has been very good so far i was gettin a regular period until lately, my periods have been late and very short term. i was bleeding for a couple of hours the other day and then stopped, i took multiple pregnancy test and they are all coming back negative my doctors says that its impossible but i have been having the symptoms of a pregnancy. even when i have s_x it hurts not i have some milk leaking out of my nipples, my eating habbits got worse, im going pee a whole lot more now. now that i have read your comment i think that i am going to go to the doctors and get the iud taken out, i want a birth control that will actually work....this is wayy too much stress for me


Sookers - September 10

I may simply be talking to myself here (it doesn't look like these forums are used that much), but I need somewhere to vent. I've been on Mirena for almost 4 1/2 years, with plans to have it replaced next year. Up until now, I would have thought it was the most wonderful contraceptive available for women. For nearly all of this time, I've gone without any periods or period-like symptoms, aside from some very occasional spotting (every 3 or 4 months), that lasts no more than a day or 2. Currently (within the last couple of weeks), I've noticed some rather disturbing symptoms: First, my b___sts increased in size, and became very tender and heavy feeling. In addition, while I was excited to FINALLY have dried up (I could still get a drop out of each side for over 3 years after my son was born), suddenly they are no longer. In fact, I've been able to get a good stream on occasion. Second, I went through what can only be described as an eating binge, snacking late at night - things that I normally have no desire to do. Third, I've began developing abdominal and back pain, as well as frequent heartburn. Now this has been combined with some miner to moderate nausea. It hasn't been enough to make me sick YET, but I have spent a few times staring at the bottom of the toilet. Even with all of these symptoms, the idea of pregnancy just didn't come to mind. It wasn't until I developed moodiness, irritability, and feeling generally lethargic that I started piecing this all together. So yes, I plan on getting a test tomorrow, and for a negative result, I plan on taking another test in a couple weeks. Because I've gone so long without a period, I have no way of knowing how far along I might be IF I happen to be pregnant. I have a history of miscarriage, and unfortunately, mine was an UGLY one (14 weeks, baby died and didn't dispel on its own. My body nearly went septic). In addition, my pregnancy with my son was also very difficult. I have a fairly short frame, and my uterus is tilted, which causes the baby to push all of my organ systems out of the way in order to make room - not so great in the later stages of pregnancy. My question is this: Does anyone happen to know where to find more information on the potential risks of an IUD pregnancy regarding an already high-risk individual? Everything I've been able to dig up is way too general for what I'm looking for. I'm REALLY hoping that I'm just paranoid, but this scares the SH*T out of me. Any info/thoughts help. Thanks


Grandpa Viv - September 10

Upsetting indeed, but something that the medical profession would be happy to investigate. You describe sysmtoms of a hormone upset caused by pregnancy or a cyst or a glandular problem. If you can't get a positive pregnancy test in the next couple of weeks, a doctor consult is certainly called for. Good luck!



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