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nicki - December 6

I took early first response hpt and it was negative i looked at it later and there was a light faint pink line. what is that? Im due for my period 12/8. I also had spotting 12/3 and a temp dip this morning.


DEE - December 6



r - December 6

if you leave the test for a while and go back to it, most will become positive - even if the test was negative at first. How long did you leave it for before you went back to it? Most of the instructions tell you after how long ei: 1/2 hour to avoid the response of the test as it does change but does not mean anything. It's the first response you get that is correct. To give you a peace of mind I'd suggest doing another test.


r - December 6

Try the digital one. it's very quick and very good - I've said this to a lot of people. It'd the best thing I've invested in.


nicki - December 6

it was first response. I called them and they said they dont have evaporation lines that it could of been the dye. Im not due till wednesday so I will just wait. the only thing is the spotting. I never had that before and it lasted only a day.


ssss - December 7

hi nicki i also took a first response test and the line was very faint i followed with another a day later and the line was darker i did this 3 days before my period i called my doctors and they said to trust that result... and tomorow i go and see my doc,,,,,good luck


Aileen - December 8

I took a test, the digital one, this was about the first week or so after the time we "tried", it was negative, I guess it was too early, now I am having cramps almost like period paines, but Im not due till the 15th for my period, and my b___sts are tender, could I be pregnant? I dont want to waste a test, they say I have to wait till I miss my period, why is that?


nicole - December 9

hello... i am not sure what is happening? i aslo took a test early (first responce) i week after ovulation. I have had sore b___st, shooting tingles pains on the side of my b___st for the week after ovulation. I am confused because i took the clear blue test on the 7 and period was due on the 8... the test said that i wasn' it's the 9 and i still haven't got my period... but a little blood on the evening of the 8th...thinking my period was going to start...but it didn't. Today i am getting a little brown discoloring when i wipe. Is this what they call spoting? has anyone else got this happen to them?



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