Pregnancy Test Positive And Negative

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kristinacasto07 - June 18

Hi, I've taken four pregnancy tests today. Two of them were positive, and two were negative. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks, Kristina


TaraO - June 18

Kristina, When I was trying to get pregnant I read alot about which pregnancy test was the best and which one wasn't. Apparently, different brands detect different amounts of HcG. Some detect it as low as 40, some 50, some higher. I used First Response on one day, and was negative and the next 8 hours it was positive. The doctor told me depending on the time of day, the hCG level can fluctuate. If you used the same brand, maybe your levels were just fluctuating, If not, maybe its just too early, try first thing in the morning. Were they all at the same time??? Good Luck, hope I made some sense, tara


MelissaP - June 18

maybe because you urine was diluted it cam out negative. Were you drinking a lot of water in between tests?? Make sure to hold your urine for at least 3-4 hours before taking another test. A positive is a positive and it is rare to be false. Negatives are more apt to be false. Congrats to you! =)


dannygirl4you - June 18

You might want to test first thing in the morning again and if it is positive go to dr to confirm Good Luck


kristinacasto07 - June 19

Well, I took another test this morning, and it was negative. So I don't really think I'm pregnant. I'm still confused as to how you get two positive results in a row though! Also, my husband had a vasectomy, so that's a big reason I'm doubting it. I got a blood test done, so I should hear back about that no later than tomorrow. I'll let everyone know. Thanks for all the advice! Kristina


dannygirl4you - June 19

Yes let us know that is weird to get 2 positive and then neg


katie37 - June 19

Kristina, it could have been a chemical pg. Have you started your AF? I had that happen to me the last time I got pg. I had 2 tests that were very faint lines and then the 3rd test read completely negative. I did have my hcg level checked and by the time I got the results back it was already down to "8". Some tests are pretty sensitive like the FRER's so it is possible that you may have had a chemical pg.


kristinacasto07 - June 19

The OB nurse said a chemical pregnancy couldn't have happened that fast, but I'm not so sure. The reason she said that was because the night before the positive tests, I had a negative result from the same test. So confusing. I'm still 5 days from the start of my period. Kristina


MelissaP - June 19

mmm....guess you will just have to wait it out. I hope you hear some good news!! Good luck =)


georgelakshmi - June 20

When is your perid due? If you have a missed period then go and check again. Good luck. Lakshmi


kristinacasto07 - June 20

I still have 5 days until my period is supposed to start. Last night, I took 3 more tests. The first one I'm pretty sure was positive, but barely! The line was so faint after a while that I had to convince myself it was there. And I'm pretty sure the other two were negative. The first one had the faintest pink line and showed up after one minute so I don't think it was an evaporation line. It's still there but I think it faded because it's a lot harder to see. Like I said, the strange thing is my husband had a successful vasectomy back in November (or so the dr. said). So either it wasn't so successful, I've had 3 faulty first response tests, or something else is wrong! Guess I'll find out today! I'll let everyone know. Thanks



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