Pregnancy Tests

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Amy - December 8

This isn't a question!!! But if your having trouble with pregnancy tests, my only advice is to go DIGITAL! I swear by them (many other woman do too). They are a little more expensive, but you DO know either way. They are 99% accurate. I took mine only TWO days after my missed period, and gave me, simply, a 'yes' or 'no' answer! The words 'Pregnant' or 'Not Pregnant', no maybes about it! In the more expensive pack (which I used) You get 3. I even got my sister to try one, just in case it was faulty...but she came up NOT PREGNANT, which isn't suprising for a virgin :-) I was PREGNANT! No evaporation or faint lines. No having to leave it for a couple of hours, it takes three minutes (if I remember correctly) and WHAM, there's the answer you've needed, as clear as day. I know these things don't come cheap, but neither do children :-). Plus, if you are Happy with the news it gives you...The displayed words (pregnant/not pregnant) lasts for hours! I kept on cheaking! I wish you all the luck! xXx P.s. I'm not in advertising! P.p.s. Remember not to drink loads before using ANY test, even if your desperate to know. It dilates the hormones and you won't get an accurate answer. I know, I drunk loads, to make myself need the Toilet...and the test came out Negitive, but then I was using a regular home PT, it's just sooo frustrating!


Kelly - December 8

Your a star!!! I didn't even know that you could get digital tests! Are they a particular brand name? I am three days late and nervous about testing! Nothing like this has happened in my family before! I guess it's better to know, then to keep worrying, it's costing me sleep! Deep down I hope I am, but I don't know the first thing about babies! I'm sure either way I'll cry!!! I really don't need the stress of a test that doesn't give me a straight answer. Thanks alot! x


Christine - December 8

Amy I dont want to knock your post at all...but just because this type of test was very accurate for you does not mean it will be for others...I have used many different types of tests...not a digital one though...and all mine showed the correct response withing the 1 to 3 minute testing period...I dont think its so much the brand...there are just some that are rejects...which isprobable for any type of test...glad this one worked for you though...good luck.


r - December 8

I actually agree with Amy and think the digital ones, "Clear Blue" is the one I got, was the best investment ever! I did this at home and was possitive, but when I went to the clinic to varify they ended up using 2 tests and both of them came up with a faint line...they tolled me to come back in 2 days! So go digital :o) Great, great investment. That's not to say there might be faulty tests in there, (there is always 1 or 2 things in eveerything that comes out faulty) but in my experience the digital was more accurate and more rea__suring than the doctor i went to.


l - December 8

Christine, if you have never tried one of these tests then you just need to keep your opinion to yourself. There's always someone who has to rain on someone's parade.


Shannon - December 9

Oh my god, do I agree with u Amy! I went through 7...YES 7 tests and i got constant conflickting answers! 3 Possitive and 4 negitive, I gave up thinking I wasn't pregnant! I then saw you answer another girls question on this site, telling her to go digital, so I went out and bought myself one. Your right, they don't come cheap, but when I think how much I spent on all the others, this was a much cheaper option! Well, I'M PREGNANT!!! :-). I doubled cheaked with my doctor two days later, and it was confirmed. Simple, easy and effective!!! As for Christine, just ignore her! There are so many questions on this forum alone about 'am I pregnant?' complaining about tests! Hopefully people will read your post and there will be less and less uncertainty! Thanks alot! x


Christine - December 9

Actually these boards are for our opinions...because that is exactly what anyone else puts in here...Furthermore I did not say anything bad...all I said that there is faulty tests nomatter which type you use, and I have never had a false negative with any other sort of tests...Thank you...and you have a nice day as well...


Leah P - December 9

Hi ladies! How early can you do a digital test, I'm four days till my period and anxious as hell!!!


r - December 9

hey Leah P - I used the digital a week before my period was due, about a week after conception & it came possitive. But when i went to the doctor to let them know she had to do 2 tests and they were both too faint (she said probably too early to tell) Anyway, through my experience I can recomend that you are safe to try one now and get a good answer.


Leah - December 9

Hi r, What do you think about the sensitive strips from the internet? Also, how much do those digital tests cost?? Thanks


A.V. - December 9

Leah where do you live because I live in AZ and they were 9.97 for 2



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