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alcatalano - July 15

So far I'm 11 days late for my period. I have severe br___t tenderness, dull aching headaches, & the past couple days have been waking up nauseas. I took a pregnancy test on Saturday & it was negative...Could I still be pregnant or is my cycle really screwed up? My boyfriend doesn't want me to take another test, hes convinced I'm not pregnant, but I'm not so convinced...please give me some advice!


Crystal83 - July 15

It sounds to me, from my own 4 experiences, that you are in fact preggo. You may have gotten a bum test, I would go to the Dr. if I were you to get everything double checked. Are you having any muscle cramping in the lower sides of your stomach when you cough or get up too fast? That is a major sign of pregnancy as well. Good Luck! I hope things turn out well for you.


alcatalano - July 15

thanks crystal for your advice it is much appreciated. im going to test again tomorrow & probably make a trip to the dr. So far no cramping of any kind...but thanks for giving me another sign to look for, as I didn't know that one.


alcatalano - July 15

I've been looking up a lot of things online, trying to get a better idea of what happening. I have had really bad gas the past two days & I found that gas is common during pregnancy. Do most women get ga__sy, or is that one of those symptoms that only a small percentage deal with? Any input would be great. Thanks ladies!


schreck - July 15

When you test use first morning pee as it has the highest amount of HCG.


Grandpa Viv - July 15

Upset gut function is a common sign of pregnancy as the hormones affect the muscles that move food along - ga__sy either end, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, short of breath. Look for more frequent peeing and lotion discharge, fatigue, smells and fav foods changing , acne etc. If you can't get a positive test by next weekend using first morning pee, there is perhaps some other reason for your signs. Good luck!


alcatalano - July 16

So, I had a lot going on & was unable to test this morning, will hopefully be testing tomorrow morning. Nothing seems any better though. Stilll very nauseas & actually threw up today. My b___sts are still very tender & today seem quite heavier than usual. I was hoping to see AF when i woke up, but that didn't happen. Now 12 days late & trying to get used to the idea of being pregnant.


Crystal83 - July 16

If you are experiencing nausea and your 12 days late then it shouldn't really matter when you take the test, because your HCG level should be high enough for the test to read positve. Usually the nausea is a sign that the pregnancy hormone is present in your body and increasing at a fast rate, especially at about 5-6 weeks into the pregnancy, and it will level out at about 8-10 weeks and that is when the "morning sickness" usually starts to subside as well, but morning pee will give you the best result. You never know you may just have a really nasty flu bug, lol, but that wouldn't account for the sore b___sts. Have you noticed any other changes in you body? Darker areolas around the nipple, backaches, headaches, fatigue, more frequent urination, burping, and bloating. Also the cramping in the sides from ligaments in the uterus stretching, which I already mentioned. Keep us posted!


Crystal83 - July 16

Also, did you notice any implantation bleeding about 2-3 weeks ago, it may have been a one time thing where a little bit of pink was present when you went to the bathroom. I only noticed this with my 3rd pregnancy though, so it might be a rare thing to notice, and it usually occurs about 1 week after conception.


alcatalano - July 16

Thank you for the advice, I'm going to try to test again soon. I have noticed the burping & bloating, & as of today I'm feeling quite coonstipated. I either didn't have implantation bleeding, or I just didn't notice it. I will let everyone know the results as soon as I find out. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond.


alcatalano - July 17

So, I got anxious last night & tested, then tested again this morning to be sure. When I read the results, they were both a BFN. I still have no signs of AF, so I'm very confused by my situation. What could cause me to be, now, 13 days late and feeling like I do? I don't know where to go from here.


Grandpa Viv - July 17

Could this be a follicular cyst acting up? The chances of pregnancy are going down pretty fast if you are getting BFN at two weeks late. Did you have a contraceptive accident at ovulation time that would make pregnancy a likely outcome? Could you wait to see if the situation resolves when your next period is due. Good luck!


Crystal83 - July 18

You may need to go to the Dr. and have some blood tests to see what's going on. He could also do an exam of your cervix and uterus to tell as well.



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