Pregnant 5 Months After Misscarriage

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Mary - May 2

Hi, I lost my baby at 12 weeks about 5 months ago. I just found out that I am pregnant again, I am not that excited, I am more scared than anything. I had such a terriable expierience with that ordeal. I saw the baby's heartbeat, and everything and was assured that everything was going ok until my last visit when they could not detect the heartbeat. I want to be excited, how can I get over the fear again?


j - May 2

Hey hun, miscarriage is so hard for us to get over..... Sometimes our bodies just reject our pregnacy for whatever reason ESP if it is our first??? it's hard to say but it is consiered "natural" although when it is actually happening to u , it is the worst thing possible, So please try not to stress u and the baby out.... i will keep u and ur mircle gift in my prayers...


Lynette - May 2

Mary, I feel for you! I had the same thing happen to me in January and I am trying to conceive again now. I can only hope that I can live by what I'm going to say to you now - you need to be so very positive for the little life forming inside of you. There was nothing you did wrong the first time, and only the tiniest chance that something will go wrong this time round - lower than the first time even, I've read! You won't feel comfortable until you reach that 12 week mark, but just try to think of how, when you pa__s that milestone, you would like to think that you were as positive and happy in the first 12 weeks as you could possibly be, wouldn't you?! So take a deep breath and remember - this time is not the same as last time. Last time one dodgy chromosome meant that nature decided not to burden you with the issue of deciding the fate of your child. That won't happen this time - you will only feel secure in that when you are holding your precious baby in your arms for the first time - until then, stay positive and pa__s on the best vibes you can to your new baby. Good luck! :-)


Karen - May 2

I know excatly how you feel I got pregnant 3 months after mine at 6 weeks. I have been a__sured this baby is healthy and normal everything is fine. I still get fears now and then, but all I do is say a prayer and think postive. I know your going to be ok. Many women have miscarriages and go on to have normal healthy babies. All the best and my prayers are with you. !!!!


Karen - May 2

I forgot to mention that I am now in my second trimester and everything seems fine. I know what your going through cause when I first found out the second time I was nerve recking for the first three months, ran to the bath room for every cramp looking for blood, so try to relax and stay calm, I know that will be hard but pray everytime you feel scared it worked for me. I also started talking to my baby . All the best


Davida - May 2

Sorry for your loss. I had a m/c in Feb at about 4wks and became pregnant again before my 1st period. We are now 11wks and saw the baby's heartbeat for the 1st time on Friday! Dr. said everything looks good and I am very positive! Try to embrace the joy and of this new baby. Every pregnancy is different and you should enjoy every second with your new life! Blessings


Leahp - May 2

Hi Mary, you may want to get on Storkradio or and rent a doppler they're about $20-45 dollars a month, I went the cheaper route and have had a great expereince with mine! They're excellent dopplers like the doctors use, but don't freak I couldn't find mine at first and the doc helped me with some tips on how to find it, when I got home I immediatley got to listen to my baby in the comfort of my own home, I'm now 20 weeks and when I don't feel much movement from the little tike i just listen and feel so much more relieved!! It would be great for someone like you that has a lot of anxiety! I'm the same way, but never suffered a miscarriage, but I would be exactly the same! I couldn't really enjoy my pregnancy until now, just becasue of that fear! Good Luck to you hun!!!



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