Pregnant After Ablation

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CupcakeLouise - August 10

Ladies, I’m 43.  I’ve got PCOS and had an ablation July last year for heavy menstral bleeding.  I have a 14 year old who was conceived after 4 years of IVF in 2004.  I’ve just discovered that I’m pregnant.  Everything I’ve read has suggested the odds are against having a successful pregnancy.  My Dr indicated that an ablation can actually increase fertility - something which I definitely was not told.

Has anyone else found themselves pregnant after an ablation?


nathalie335 - August 13

Hey there. I am so sorry for what you have been through. It must be such a hard time. I cannot imagine what you must have through. I am really sorry to hear of your infertility. You should try to get in touch with a good fertility clinic and specialist. As from what I have heard there is a lot of issues with pregnancy after ablation. It can create issues for you, as well as the child. However, this does not mean it is not possible at all. There are women who do get pregnant even after ablation. But there still is a lot of danger in it. Hopefully, you will find a solution. I sympathize with you. Do not think that this is the end. Love and best wishes.


enawatson - August 13

Hi. I hope you are fine. Well, It is a great news. Sometimes a woman may face infertility issues. I also faced it. I was an infertile woman. I had no other option. I was suffering from a bad egg quality. I was so upset. I was worried because I ttc for 10 years. It was just a waste of time. I decided to go for IVF with donor eggs. I went for it. I am happy that I took a right decision. I have a baby now. I am happy with my decision.


serra1 - August 13

Hello. I am Serra. Well, PCOS is another kind of infertility. Well, My sister suffered from PCOS. In this disease, a woman suffers from weight gain and hair loss. A woman never becomes regular. She was so upset. She was thinking to go for IVF. But she was so worried. She thought that what if it fails. But somehow she gathered courage and went for it. It was the best clinic where she went. She has a baby now. She is so happy that she went to the right decision. She recommends this to everyone.


serena alibs - August 13

Hello. Hope you are doing well. This is an exciting post. I got much information from this. I read this post twice. This made up my mind about a few unclear things. People know about this. They are unclear about the method. This is so easy. I have heard much about this clinic. They are very understanding people. The place is best for this. They are very affordable. Now people can have their dreams come true by this. That is great.


monikadavid - October 3

Congratulations to you! This must be such an exciting news for you. I am glad IVF worked for you as well. I think for procedures like these it is really important to visit clinics that know about the process and are experienced because these factors increase the chances of success. Good luck to you! I hope everything works out for you. Take extreme care of yourself in your pregnancy. Do keep us updated.


helleno55 - October 7

Hello i am Hellene, i am very sorry for what you are going through, i do understand and knows how you feel because i have once had the same situation and spend too much money on it, i had suffered with PCOS for so long, and thank God for his grace, i met my helper and i am in perfect condition now, just want to shear with any one facing this same condition, do not give up, dont be discourage in life, just believe, your condition is not permanent, i am shearing this contact to any one, in this same condition to inquire for solution like i did, i believe some thing can be done in your life, just call or text (385) 202 x 3846, Mr Charles and explain your condition to him, i believe you will get a solution, God bless 


lichkhamthai - November 20

I am very sympathetic to you, I have experienced that feeling



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