Pregnant After Having A Tubal 7 Yrs Ago

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Denise - June 27

I am wondering if there is anyway I could be pregnant? I had a tubal done 7 yrs ago in Sept. Was not s_xually active until about 5.5 months ago. Have always been regular. Last month May I only had a period for 2 days and this month have skipped all together. Have taken HPT and they come up neg. Tried to get into a dr but they are all full as of right now. Please I am hoping someone out there can help me here. If I am I would be extremily happy. If not want to know what is going on. Just wanting to know so I can take the next step. If you are wondering yes I have alot of the symptoms. Have three of my own so I know the symptoms very well. So please let me know what the next step should be? Everyone is asking me if I am pregnant but I can not answer them as I do not know myself. In my heart I know I am , but the tests say no. Can this be possible or is there something else causing the same symptoms? And how do I get into the doctors that are not taking anyone new right now? I am very worried here.


Shelly - June 24

Try going to a clinic that takes walk in appointments. Your local department of health should be able to tell you where one is. You can get a blood test there. Good luck.


Melissa - June 24

Trust your instincts, if feel that you are pregnant, treat yourself as if you are. I know it is hard not knowing. Try and see a different doctor, or just see if you can go in and get a blood test done. You really don't even have to see the doc to get a blood test. This would tell you for sure. It is possible to conceive after a tubal ligation. I've heard of it happening before! Good Luck and keep us posted.


mjs - June 25

The failure rate of a tubal is the same as the failure rate for a vasectomy. It happens. Find a way to get the blood test. Outside of that, what is your age? Could you actually be pre-menopausal early???? That happens too...


Denise - June 25

Thank you for responding to my question. I did go and get the blood test and it was neg. He told me to retest in a month, he believes I could be, but said could also be the amount of stress I am under right now, with my brother over in the war, and worring about what is going on with me. Thanks again for answering my question. Oh yes, and by the way I am 35 and he said he does not think it is menopause. Did check the thyroid thing also. So I guess I will wait till next month and see what happens. Thanks again.


Rebekah - June 27

I know of a very successful pregnancy after a tubal pregnancy and the mom had a ruptured fallopian tube and still was able to conceive and have a normal pregnancy.



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