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robzgirl2005 - May 23

i just had a miscarriage at the end of feb. and my boyfriend and i have been trying to get pregnant since then and it worked! i took a pt on 5/20/06 and it was postive. but today i have light cramping on the lower left side of my belly. i made a docters appt but it isnt until june cramping normal in early pregnancy or could i be having another miscarriage?????


babybird - May 23

When I got pregnant the first time I was sure that I wasn't because I had terrible cramping just like I was going to start my period. My husband made me take a test when I was 6 days late and it was positive. I told him it must be a false positive because my cramps were so bad I just knew I was going to start my period. I went to see the dr. a couple days later and I was definately pregnant. She told me that cramping in early pregnancy is normal. It's just like implantation bleeding. Instead of bleeding you are cramping so badly because of the baby implanting in your uterus. Don't worry, I'm sure you will be just fine. From what my dr. said it's totally normal. Congrats!


robzgirl2005 - May 23

thank you babybird! i cant wait to go to the dr. and have everything confirmed just so i can be sure.


ma2aiden - May 23

i'm sure you're fine, like babybird said - but if it will ease your mind, you should see if your doctor will see you sooner (esp. w/ a hx of m/c) - usually they will... i'm sure the doctor will tell you the same thing ;) congrats!


JessDT - May 24

hey robzgirl, you sound just like me. i had a miscarriage about a year ago and a couple months later i got pregnant again. in the begining i had cramping, felt sick and had a lot of spotting. brown spotting. i was so scared when i saw it, it would make me cry. even after i had s_x i would bleed a little. i talked to a girl i work with about the spotting and she said it was normal. i'm now 35 weeks pregnant and have a prefect pregnancy. which was realiving because getting over the miscarriage was really hard and it always made me think that something was wrong durning this pregnancy when it wasn't. just relax, easier said than done.


JessDT - May 24

oh, and good luck. : ) i'm sure you have nothing to worry about.


robzgirl2005 - May 24

thanks ma2aiden and JessDT atleast i dont feel like the only one with this problem...but theres another thing im worried about...the day after i found out i was preggers my boyfriend and i had s_x and it hurt really bad on the right side, its never happened before so im scared about that too. has this happened to you?


JessDT - May 25

If you feel fine now i wouldn't worry about it. that happened to me as well and it of course worried me too, and i actually made my poor boyfriend wait a couple of months before we had s_x again because that is how long it took me to get comfortable with having s_x. its not necessary to do this, s_x won't harm the baby. a womans body is very good at protecting that baby, but if it is making you feel uncomfortable there is no harm in waiting either. again, if you feel fine now, don't worry about, i felt the same thing too after s_x. Best of luck to you. and if you wan't you can email me or if you have msn, my email address is [email protected]


Linda99 - May 25

robzgirl, I don't want to scare - please believe this is not my intent, but I am concerned that the cramping pain is only on one side. I suffered a mc last November and concieved again in February and am now 16.5 wks and so far healthy, but I am concerned for you as a possible ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. The period like cramps are totally normal for pregnancy, I still get them oca__sionally now, but they are just uncomfortable, not painful and they are all over, not usually just on one side. Please call your dr. and tell them you have cramping on one side and would like to come in sooner. And keep us posted! Good luck!


robzgirl2005 - May 25

Thank you again JessDT. We havent had s_x since then, but i am willing to try again haha. Linda99 the crampin has mostly stopped. With my first miscarriage i bled for about 4 days before i got any cramps so i dont know. I will definently read some information on tubal pregnancy though just to make sure i dont have any other symptons. Thank you for your concern and i will keep you posted.


Linda99 - May 26

My cramping didn't start right away with my miscarriage either. I had brown spotting for two days, then it turned pink on the 3rd day. That evening I went to the dr. and they did u/s and confirmed the m/c. That night I started bleeding and the next day I started to cramp. I'm glad your cramping has stopped. Period like cramps in the beginning are very normal, and like I said, I still have that feeling every once and a while at almost 17 weeks. Hopefully that's all you're feeling! Good luck with everything!


venus_in_scorpio - May 26

I had cramping early pregnancy too. I called my doctor and they tried to make me wait a month to get in to see them and I called back and insisted on an earlier appointment... the cramps are normal. you would know if it were an ectopic pregnancy because thats what I was afraid of so I called one of my moms friends who actually had one and theres no mistakign it. ive had cramping through my entire pregnancy and all is well so far at 15 weeks. good luck


Linda99 - May 26

Venus - I've never known anyone with an ectopic so I have no reference for the type of pain. I was just concerned because robzgirl said the cramping was on one side. Don't you hate dr.s that make you wait? Thank God with both my pregnancies my dr's made app.'s right away when I called to tell them I was pg. Although I've read so much from other women on these posts about the healthcare outside of the states and I think that makes a big difference. Here, if you need an u/s you make an app. and get one within a few days, I've heard horror stories about women waiting months for an u/s. I guess there is something to be said about free healthcare! Good luck with everyone's babies!


robzgirl2005 - June 1

hey guys, everything has been going good. i havent had a nausea or anything like that. just been tired and my bb hurt lol. and i have still been a little crampy..not bad at all, just annoying. ive gained some almost 10 pounds...ive also been eating non stop tho. my mom says im gunna be huge by the end of this.


Linda99 - June 2

That's great news! Glad to hear your feeling good. I was pretty lucky when it came to ms too. Just a little here and there. Lots of blessings to you!


kayalex24 - June 4

I just had a miscarriage early April and I was three months pregnant and I just found out I was pregnant on May 3rd. I've been having some cramping and headaches. I'm also scared too, because I don't know if this will end in miscarriage.


robzgirl2005 - June 14

hey i just went to the doctor yesterday and she said that i dont feel like im at a full nine weeks she made an app. for me to get an ultrasound on the 28th. im so excited to see the little one. hopefully everything is goin good this time.



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