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KYLEE - June 9

I am 21, have a 3 year old , and a 6 monthh old. After having 2 emergancy c-sections, the state I live in would not let me get a tubal(at the time I was 20) So, I got the paraguard IUD. Everything was normal for the past 5 months, but then I made a mistake and cheated on my husband with his best friend. No one knows about it. Anyway, I had a normal period in April, but May's period never came. I was 10 days late, couldn't feel my strings, and my stomach hurt. So, I went to my OBGYN and he did a pt and it was neg. And he gave me hormonal replacement therapy to start my period. It started yesterday, but I don't know if it was a forced period or the real thing. And I am still not convinced that I am not pregnant. If I am, it probably will be tubal ,so I am considering an abortion. My husband knows I might be PG and is OK with a termination. Should I tell him it might not be his, ot leave well enough alone? Also, should I tell his friend it could be his? I don;t want him to get freaked out, because he is married with 3 kids....PLEASE, ANY ADVICE WILL HELP!!!!!


Nikki - June 9

Wow Susan your a B* i don't think you should say anything to anyone if you think it is a tubal or you are going to terminate it anyway....just leave well enough alone...and if you are done with the other guy.....but if you are going to be married and playing house then you need to be respectful of your husband and not go off and do those things but you are still really young.....but please take care of don't know what that other guy has and you could give it to your innocent husband and that isn't really worth all of that....but no i wouldn't say anything if you want to keep your marriage and don't won't to be a homewrecker to your best friends marriage and you need to think about all the kids too....what about their life divorce isn't fun for them they hurt the most....


To Susan - June 9

Susan, nobody's perfect. I'm d__n sure you are not! I'm guessing you're from the teen forum? Everyone makes mistakes. Some worse than others. Kylee is very young, has a serious problem and needs real advice, not mindless insults.


leslie - June 9

If you decide to terminate the pregnancy, l believe you shouldn't say are just going to make more problems just try to learn from your the other hand if you planned on keeping it, I do believe that you should tell them both..Good Luck!


KYLEE - June 9

Thanks, guys I appreciate the respectful advice. To Susan, i am sorry you are viewing my situation this way, but it really was an accident- I do not drink, and i was that night it was so easy to say yes and i did. We were doing it for anout 2 months, i actually called him last night and told him it was over....i love my husband, and his wife is my best friend. And i DO feel like a s___t, I just would prefer it not being thrown in my face like that.


Claire - June 9

I'm really disgusted by the name calling. Kylee wrote her question honestly and wanted some advice, not to be berated! She acknowledges that she made a mistake. Kylee, I would leave well enough alone and not tell your husband. What is done is done (right?) and you know that the other guy is already involved with his life so also won't tell. Some secrets are best kept just that. But take care of yourself and your marriage! Good luck.


to all of you - June 9

first of all i cant believe that so many of you are saying to just drop it and not tell her husband about her aldultry! turn the situation around and pretend that your husband was cheating on you. you would want to know right?! if this was a man on here all of you would be jumping down his throat about cheating, etc. i think that you need to not say this was an accident...that is something that happens without the other persons knowledge. you cant even consider it a mistake...mistakes are something that happen once! you stated that this has been going on for about 2 months! you need to tell your husband, and then ultimatly it will be up to him to stay with you or not. one last your husband military?


Jessie - June 9

I think that regardless of what you decide to do with the pregnancy the fact that you cheated on your hubby means that there is some underlying issues with your marriage. I suggest you tell him what happened and the both of you start working on your relationship. Every one makes mistakes however one like this has a reason behind it.....Sweetie you and your hubby need to get some marital help.


P - June 9

I agree Kylee needs to get help with her marriage but I do not agree that she should tell him everything. When people confess their "sins" it's to make themselves feel better. He doesn't need to know as long as there are no STD's involved. If you don't think your marriage will work then end it but keep your mistakes to yourself; it won't help anything and only make your home a very unpleasant place to be especially for you children. Your husband will find out in the end what kind of "friend" he has too. Peoples true colours have a way of coming through eventually. I would stay as far away from this so-called friend as I could too.


KYLEE - June 10

My husband is not military, but he is a police officer, his friend is his partner...I don't feel like my husband has much interest in me, he is way too into his career. I feel so much resentment to his career, yet his friend does the same thing and it doesn't bother me. I guess it's because he's married.


Jen - June 10

I think that he has the right to know what happened. If my husband cheated on me I would want to know. Someone had a good point, it seems that men are pigs when they cheat and women just made a mistake. One night might be a accident, two months is adultery. If he finds out later that the two people that he trusted the most screwed him over so badly how do you think he will feel? I would rather have my husband tell me than find out another way. Isn't a shred of honesty better than none? Plus, if you have a concience, it will eat away at you. If you are unhappy you need to do something to fix it. It isn't fair to allow him to believe that everything is fine.


Darla - June 10

Don't you know cheating is a sin? Didn't your marriage vows mean anything to you? You have an innocent husband who will have to suffer for your selfishness. And what about your kids? Do you even care about them? You have made somemvery bad choices and you need to be honest with your husband and tell him what you've done. Then you can have a clear conscience and be able to make a thought out decision. You also need to tell your friend's wife what a loser her husband is. Trust me she will thank you in the long run.


KYLEE - June 10

So, I should tell his wife and ruin ther marriage? I can't do that to her.


monica - June 10

if you are going to abort done say anything.... there would be no point. forget about the best friend and concentrate on your husband and children.


Tammy - June 10

My head hurts from this story! Don't tell him if your are pregnant. Stop sleeping with other people, especially you husband's best friend. My gosh, you 2 are affecting 5 little kids lives. Think!!!


Jen - June 10

So now you are trying to protect her? You were not worried about ruining their marriage when you slept with him. Why would she want to stay married to someone that has no respect for her? I think that coming clean is the only decent thing to do. Ultimately, it is your choice.



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