Pregnant And Father Of The Baby Is Older

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Liz - September 3

I'm 17 and my boyfriend is 23. I found out I was pregnant a month or so ago and we are both pro life. What are the laws for me being able to move in with him? I am not sure what my mother is going think, but I know shes going to want me to stay homre. I live in PA and he lives in MA. He wants me to be there with him and I cant be around my mother because of the stress levels in that house. Can anyone help me out with any ideas on what to do or anyway someone could give me some information that would make this easier or give me peace of mind? ... please O_o


Liz - September 3



Diana - September 3

i got the same problem. advice please!!!


L - September 3

Please contact an attorney in your area. He/she will be able to answer all of your questions. Be aware, that depending on the laws of your state, your bf could be arrested for rape or s_x with a minor.


Liz - September 3

Well, thats no good. I'm sure my mom wouldn't want to get us introuble like that.... oh god.... this is horrible!


Diana - September 3

theres got to be sum more info aside frm that. i second liz when sayin thats no good!!!!


traggish - September 3

depending on the age of consent in your state your bf could be arrested. there are NO laws that are going to say that you can move in with him unless you are emancipated. your mother legally has to provide for you until you are 18, if she wont let you move out then, that sucks, but you have to deal with it. i am lucky enough that my fiancee'(i'm 17, hes 20) was able to live with me and my parents were OK with letting him stay here. as it is, unless you are 18 there is no law stating that you are able to move in with your boyfriend for any reason, and your mother does not have to let you move out or let him move in. sorry if it seems dismal but unless your emancipated your kind of stuck until you turn 18, or if you decide to get emancipated. as L said, contact an attorney, especially if you decide to consider emancipation.


Angel_Eyez49 - September 24

I have a similar problem, Except i live in CT and my boyfriend is 21 and I am 17, Any advice, you can email me at [email protected]


tiny - September 24

heres a link to state by state statutory rape laws. good luck! and remember your baby's well being comes first.


tiny - September 25

remember this is just a general guide and you should do more in depth research depenidng on your state. this is for statutory rape, but if youre under 18 he could still be arrested for s_xual misconduct.



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