Pregnant And Horny As Hell

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God Help! - February 17

All I can think about lately is s_x! I want it all the time. and my man is not cutting it. He passes out all the time and plus we don't liva alone so what the h__l is a girl to do? I feel like a pervert!


LOL - February 17

I'm the opposite, i am usually like that , but lately i just don't want it , at all ! That's how i know there's something up with me !


Hello Help - February 17

WOW, I think your man must be one more lucky guy. Think about it guys, all the S E X you could eva want. You wouldn't want to leave an email address would you? I would tell you how I'd satisfy you. Seriously tho, you may have to take things in hand while you are sleeping like us guys do. Neva, eva feel like a pervert when you want s_x from your man. It comes naturally. Best of luck to you.......drooling........


Me too! - February 17

It is nice to know that I am not the only one - I feel guilty like I want too much from him but at least now I know that I am not the only one. My old man will talk big all day but come night time it's just zzzz's......But I love him just the same - because when it comes I am left nearly paralyzed with pleasure - makes it alllllllll worth it!!!


kim - February 17

i am also like that the first six months until i start feeling baby kick then it is no i don't like it then at all except one thing i am on restriction due to threatened loss of baby


Leahp - February 18

Hi ladies, Oh how I wish my drive was here!!! I'm almost ten weeks and lost my drive completely!! We were having awesome s_x up until I found out and having constant nausea!!! Can any of you give me any hope?? I've deprived my poor hubby for almost a month now!! I know he has been spanking it a lot lately, I feel horrible for him!!! Will my drive come back!!???


tiffani - February 18

Leahp~ You're too funny. Yes, it will come back. Hormones gone wild will screw up a s_x drive, and so will the nausea, but it will eventually return. :o)


Leahp - February 18

wow!!! You go girl!!!! That's how I am, although I love it when he spanks me and grabs my hips!!! During ovulation I was a mess all I could think about was the ROD!! I've always been the real h__y one in our relationship, but it really started to get fun before we got pregnant because for the first time I saw my husband wanting it more than me, I loved it!!! So it is quite tramatizing now that I don't even desire it and I hate to see him deprived! I just need some rea__surance, I don't feel like much of a woman this past month, I've been laid up on the couch with constant nausea, I don't even have energy to make myself look good for the hubby, I haven't cleaned the house in ages and my desire to cook has gone to caput!!! And then with the lack of s_xual desire, I really feel like less of a woman!! When will it come back!!!?


Help Here - February 18

Leahp, my nausea didn't end until I was 3 months in. I was soooooooo sick. I had the hang overs without the booze and wild s_x the night before and it sucked royally! Speaking of sucked, I love to give my hubby bj's. I think it turns me on just as much as it does him. I love the rod too girlfriend! THAT DOES IT! When he gets home he is doing me or else! Lol. No really though, I know exactly what you are feeling. I felt all the same way. I stayed in the bed watching tv. I didn't want to eat, get dressed, go anywhere or do anything. I was a freaking mess. Now I am a clean freak and I can't stop molesting my man. I am just going to have to get my some toys!


E - February 18

LMAO!! My hubs name is Rod. Short for a longer name... I got some ROD from Rod last night. Felt great:) I do not have much of a drive but we started to talk about the days we met and the hot s_x we engaged in while at work (stairwells) and BAM!! - the f*ck festival began with an 8 month prego. BJ for him this weekend, if he cleans the house:)


LOL E!!! - February 18

Rod from Rod!! You go girl! Hahaha. My Hubby and I met at work. We use to kiss and feel each other up in the elevator. He would walk out with stiffies, lol. Me too but up top.


Leahp - February 18

Yeah! That's exactly what it feels like a full night of boozing!! But with out the booze! Gee! I was looking forward to being alcohol free for that purpose!! Well in two weeks I'll be at the three month mark, I can slowly feel the desire or maybe it's just the closeness and fun of it!! I just hope it comes soon, so I can come!!! Ha! How far a long where you when you got it back, ladies? Oh! and for bjs I don't think I could perform one without the gag reflex making me puke all over his UNIT!!! Oh would he be pleased if I did that for him tonight!!


E - February 18

LMAO Leah. Avoid the probe if you are going to spew chuncks on it. He will have acid burns on his c*ck. Wait till you can take it deep without needing so much as a breath of air. Sorry, lol. I am being so gross today!!


Here's Help - February 18

LMAO!!!! Ladies you are much too much! That is just funny as hell. Lube your hand up and jerk his brains loose if you feel you can't lick his stick yet. My hubby loves that too. Better yet if you can't take it all in just suck on the head of that bad boy and slide your hand up and down his ROD, hehe. His head will b__w off.


tara - February 18

you ladies are too funny. I have a drive that's like a week I can't get enough and the next I can't even think of doing it. I feel bad for my hubby because he has no idea what to expect when he opens his eyes in the morning. I even jumped him when I was still half a sleep one night! I wish it was on a more consistant basis to make it easier to handle.


E - February 18

I am waiting for a prude to come in and shame us for talking dirty:) Anyone else thinking the same?


Help Again - February 18

Boy!!!! Nothing p__ses me off worse than to be grinding the hell outta my man and hear him snoring!



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