Pregnant And Marriage Problems Possible Divorce

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ahsmom - April 2

I am pregnant with my husband and I's second child (21 weeks along). For the last year my husband and I have been having a lot of issues, and I have done everything I can to make our marriage work, but he won't put in the effort. I have even gone to counseling on my own, because he won't go with me. When I talk to him, he takes everything as an attack on him, so it's very difficult to just have an adult conversation. He won't help with our daughter, and acts like I'm asking for the world if I ask him to watch her for an hour so I can clean. I am at the end of my rope. I am a stay at home mom, and am now contemplating divorce. Any advice?


lillybug - April 9

hey ahsmom - I'm sorry to hear that things aren't going so well. I hope things get better for you honey : (


Rachel Bradshaw - May 15

Are yall young parents?


jenniferjo - May 16

ahsmom, I know how you feel as I've went through the same thing. Hubby did go with me a few times and couselor said he makes everything personal and needs to learn to control that. Most of our problems have went away since becoming pg. I think it was the stress of not concieving on my part. Some of our issues stem from DH not talking to me. He gets upset about work or worrying abuot the new baby and takes it out on me. If he'd just tell me what is wrong, I could take a b___t chewing over nothing a lot easier. My suggestion~ find something an evening a week(or a saturday) that you do by yourself. Somethign like a mother's group or card goup, maybe volunteering. That way your DH will have to help out some and might realize all that you do. I now work part time at the bar in town(only thing open in the evenings). It gets me out of the house at least once a month(sometimes up to 4 nights a week) and I have a little income for the extra little things. Good luck.


bonnie555 - May 22

d__n girl! you need to take your power back. no one deserves to get treated like that. your husband needs to grow up and take responsibility for himself and his family. you didnt make those babies on your own. my freind recently left her partner with her baby because she was in a similar situation, now he's begging her to come back - not that i reccomend that, too drastic. i reccommend you make a list of all your wonderful points and a list of all his. then and ask him to do the same. no negs, all positives... see what the lists say and go from there. its interesting what people see in eachother.


terri - May 23

hey ahsmom, i am soo in the same boat as you and often wonder how to change things. i watch the kids from the time they get up to the time they go back to bed. we have three boys together so far and another on the way. he doesnt do housework or help out any real way. he doesnt do errands. everything is for him and only him. he will not go out of his way for me or the kids. sometimes when i ask him to watch the kids for a lil bit he like gets all disturbed but when he has them he is really good with them and they love him to death. but the funny thing is that he agreed to take a month off work while i went back to work and until the kids can get into daycare in july. and iam so hoping that he realizes that even though i was home with the kids it is not being away from work . it is work plus 110% more. he thinks that it going to be a walk in the park. he says the house will be spotless and laundry done and all the kids happy. i cant wait to see him eat his



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