Pregnant And Need Some Help With Work

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Tina - April 25

My husband was just recently laid off from work, and I do not have a job...our rent is about 1300 a month and I am 6 months pregnant and have been going into places where a sign says "Help Wanted" and EVERYWHERE I go to ask for an application, they take one look at my stomach and say "We are no longer hiring" I cannot seem to find a job anywhere and I'm getting very nervous that we are not going to be able to pay our bills.....does ANYONE have any information on working from home or anything like that, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Stephanie - April 25

You could try doing Candle Parties, by Candle Lite, or you could also become a Pa__sion consultant. (Selling s_x toys to parties of women) the philosophy is that most women are too embara__sed to go to a p___n shop and buy stuff, so this way it is more accesible. My neighbor does it and she seems to do quite well. She also does the candle parties and seems to do okay there as well. Other than those, I really do not know if any work from home "scams" that actually work. Good Luck.


Maleficent - April 25

alot of the home party companies you have to buy into. so if money is tight it might not be an option. i've taken a few daycare kids when we've been tight on money. it's alot of work, but helps make ends meet. for now there is no shame in going to family services to see if they can help. i had to do the whole "welfare" thing when my son was a baby. it's humbling but it really did help while i got on my feet. the program is meant to help, it's sad that it's been abused and now has some shameful stigma attatched to it.


leslie - April 25

I am very sorry to hear about of my friends work as a costumer service person from home..maybe you can look in there. Has your bf tried looking for another job? Maybe you can babysit kids..that can help..where do you live?


marcy - April 25

i actually went to one of those s_x toy parties this weekend, and it was great! i can definately see how those people make money!!! (8 people spent $800, plus booked more parties). It does take alot of money to start out tho. I run a dayhome from home and am 10 weeks pregnant with number two right now, and for a few months, it's not too hard. It's nice too because you can eat, sit, and relax whenever you need to.. but there's extra housework. You can make some pretty decent money and can reduce kids when you need to and start again with how ever many kids you want as soon as your ready after the baby is born. Also, i almost hate to actually suggest this, but you can always be a phone s_x girl from home. I know it's not exactly every girls dream job, but it does bring in cash FAST. I hope everything works out for you, but try not to stress out too much (and that's probably not easy), but keep at it, and things will work out.


Noel - April 25

I was in a similar situation, no body wants to hire a pregnant women because of complications that could happen at the workplace. the only work i could find/do was babysitting/day-night care, if you dont know anyone that has children that need to be watched you could put in an add in the local newspaper or ask friends if they know anyone. also if you have things that you would like to sell, you could check out ebay. i hope this helps, and good luck.



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