Pregnant And Not Showing

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kehaulani - May 18

Hey! Well I'm 24 weeks and not showing yet, i really want to show my tummy off but i feel theres no reason too! I don't fit into most of my jeans so I know for sure i'm growing..some days I feel like I'm really showing and most days I feel like I'm shrinking! My doctor says everything looks good but the fact that I'm not really showing yet worries me, am I alone on this??


breezieb - May 18

I am not pregnant now but when I was pg with my first I went from size 3 jeans to size 5 after 3mths and stayed in size 5 all the way untill I was at the middle of my seven month and then My belly just popped out! I felt the same way. I coudn't wait to show! Every one said wait untill seven mths and they were right. Is this your first?


kehaulani - May 18

Okay, I don't feel so alone now! Thank you (= &yes this is my first, I'm super excited!


redapplela__sie - May 18

Congrats kehaulani... I understand how you feel. I didn't "need" matenity wear until I was about as far as long as was probably around 24ish weeks was when I started wearing the b/c they were more comfortable. But, all of a sudden, I did pop and then I was wishing I was smaller again! LOL! I'd say if your Doc is happy w/ progress then that's the best part....Congrats!


jenniferjo - May 19

Hi, its perfectly normal. A lot of it is because of your prepregnancy size. The baby should be around 12 inches, but remember, he/she is curled up. I was just under 100 lbs(5'2") before my 1st pregnancy. Doc said to gain 20 lbs so I did. Oops, he meant after I got pregnant lol! I had a bump at about 18 weeks, but not enough to really 'show'. About 30 weeks I was big! This time I'm only 10 weeks and already look like I'm over 4 months! Doc says its because I'd lost all the weight (down to 120) and I have a healthy appet_te. Be thankful that you can still sleep on your tummy! Good luck and I wish you the best!


cherylc - May 24

With my first I was 7mths pregnant and still not showing really. I could tell I was pregnant, but people I didn't know had no idea. I remember how badly I wanted to show off my belly, but all of a sudden about a week after my seventh month I POPPED!! It will happen!!! Congrats on your pregnancy


kehaulani - June 11

thank you all (:



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