Pregnant But Had Or Having Periods

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Gia - October 22

Ok this is a curious question, this is a question for anyone who has experienced this, knows someone who has or just wants to give an opinion. These may sound like stupid questions but will be amazed at the answers. Ok here it goes-can you be pregnant and have periods or a period and is it possible ( I said possible-curious question) to have negative pregnancy tests, get periods and be pregnant, ok with this question lets assume in some cases a preg test was not taken but got periods anyway, that might be a better way to ask.


HH - October 22

My sister in law had periods- she says they were pretty normal- when she was pregnant with her 2nd. No one knew until she was almost 5 months. My Gram was the first one to suggest she might be. She was. Beautiful girl is 7 now. She is the only one I have ever known to have any bleeding at all. She did not have bleeding with any of her other pregnancies.


rae - October 22

it happened to me... the period thing, anyhow. no neg. tests, but i didnt test until i was over 5 months, almost 6, because i was still having my period. kinda scary, but now im 31 weeks, and just amazed at how much ive missed out on in those first 5 months...


Kerry - October 24

I have been spotting around my period every month and yet I am now 17 weeks pregnant. I have had constant support from my midwives. They don't know why it happens, only that to some people it does. I have also tested neg and then later found it to be pos but that was because I tested too soon. x


JK - October 24

I know of two women at my work who had regular periods and had no clue they were pregnant. One found out at 3 months and the other at 4 months. They went to the doctor because their stomachs were sticking out!!


Gia - October 25

Oh wow thanks alot ladies, you have made me feel so much better. Thanks again :)


Beckie - November 3

I think that this same thing is happening to me...I am going to go to the doctor. I have had two negative tests and start my period like clock work on time, but it has only been lasting for a day to two days and is light...almost like spotting. My b___sts are huge, my stomache is sticking out, I am super hormonal, breaking out on my chin and being tired/grumpy/etc....I just can't shake the feeling that I am pregnant...I took the tests two months ago, and it has been three full months since a normal period...wish me luck. Let me know your thoughts on this whole scenario if you have the time. Thanks.


gia - November 3

Hi becky, email me sometime let me know how this turns out for you [email protected]


Sara - November 14

It happened to a girl I went to high school with. I don't think she or anyone else knew until she was several months along. It is the only time I have heard of it happening, however, except for on this site.


KL - November 14

I have had only 3 periods this year all abnormal and some spotting. My stomach is big and so are my b___sts. I have had negative tests. I been feeling movement in my lower abdomen. Now I am having movement in my v____a also. It feels like bubbles and little jabs sometimes it the little jabs hurt. Been to the doctor and no one believes me because of my test they keep saying the tests are accurate. Also everytime I feel the little jabs I pee.


bump - November 15

alot more need to read this :0)


My cousin - November 15

She had regular periods throughout her pregnancy. She has a 7 year old healthy son. She didn't know she was pregnant until like 7 months, she was big anyway, so she ended up having really bad pre-eclampsia. She has siezures now from it but her son is a very healthy, active child. Good luck!


summer - November 15

Can it happen even on birthcontrole? same periods and everything?


babra - November 21

ive had 3 periods in one month now what does that mean



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