Pregnant But It Hasn T Sunk In Yet Why

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What now? - April 14

I'm in my late 30's, almost 10 weeks preggy.After 2 spontaneous abortions (m/c) the last 5 years, a year of trying IUI and IVF - I can't believe I am now prgnant! I have most of the normal symptoms and great u/s results. When I look at the baby pictures,I am happy it's OK but other than that I seem to feel like I'm in denial...? Weird, I know when I should be all giddy. I am not sad--just not seem to be really into this. Am I just being really cautious, overly anxious--afraid something might happen to this one, or is something wrong with my head!? Tired from trying? That when it's finally here I'm exhausted?


nhb - April 14

That sounds pretty accurate . . . maybe afraid of losing another one, or just in shock that it's finally happened. Don't worry . . . it'll sink in once your insides are black and blue, if not before!!


What now? - April 14

Thanks. I can feel it's in there alright- I feel the cramping. It's just that when I read all the happy, excited messages in this site, I feel like letting my baby down somehow :-(((


Grumpy Bear - April 14

I can understand im 18 weeks and i feel like its not real! mayve when my belly finally starts showing, or when we have a US were you can actually tell the baby from a blob. LOL


What now? - April 14

Doesn't help that my guy is more excited than I am. He's thinking of buying baby stuff and I'm like...'Later, Hon...'.My enthusiasm level is almost zero. Nada. Zilch.


Jena - April 14

No, you're totally normal! It's hard to get excited if you are worried and have had bad experiences in the past. Maybe it's a mix of not wanting to get your hopes up, being exhausted because you are growing a baby inside of you, and being in shock. Good luck with your pregnancy!


What now? - April 14

Thanks, Jena. I hope you're right. I just hope this baby knows my feelings right now have nothing to do with how much I love having him/her inside me :-((.


Kristi - April 15

I know exactly how you feel although I didn't have any m/c's. When I found out I was preg I couldn't believe it and even though my body knew it was preg my mind didn't want to believe it for some reason... it wasn't until months after my daughter was born that it really sunk in that I was a mother... nuts I know, but now trying for another and couldn't be happier.. good luck


Maleficent - April 16

i'm 19 weeks and still feeling ambivilant. with my first two kid i was so absorbed in pregnancy and loved every minute of it but this time around i've been feeling...detatched. it could be because i'm worn out from chasing my other two kids, maybe because my husband hasn't been home much to share the experiance with me, i just don't know. so you're not alone, there is nothing wrong with you.


What now? - April 16

Thanks for letting me know that. I can't help being jealous though of all the happy Moms-to-be in this site. Especially since this is my first.



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