Pregnant In The First Month Of Ttc

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Lizzy - December 24

Has anyone ever gotten pregnant in the first month of TTC?


eyebeeablessing2u - December 24

We were successfull in the 3 rd month of TTC. I am 39 and dad is 44.


AP - December 24

yup...twice. Immediately after going off the pill both times. I am 27 and my husband is 32.


t - December 24

Yup...every time I have had s_x on or near day 14 of my cycle I have gotten pregnant (the funny thing is none of them were planned, lol!). Happy Holidays!


yesy - December 24

yea me 2, i had barely stopped using protection and got pregnant that same month


estee - December 25

yes, first try and - bang!


b - December 27



Tasha - December 27

I got pregnant 2 wks after we first started trying. ~22 wks 1 day preg.~


kim - December 27

This is our first month trying and I am hoping to be pregnant.. I have been tired ga__sy bloated and cramps off and on.. I hope I dont get af Jan 4th or at all....


J - January 2

I am in the same boat. My hubby and I are in our first month of TTC. I am due to get AF on Jan. 4th, but I am hoping not as well. I haven't had any symptoms at all except for feeling a little bloated and some cramps on Friday, Dec. 31st. These feel like AF symptoms...but I'm hoping not!


Lanni - January 2

This is our 2nd month of TTC. I am 4 days late but i am going to resist the urge to test. I have been feeling tired, by b___bs are sore and my nipples are always hard, by back is a bit sore and i have a lot of discharge. Are you supposed to have discharge before AF? I hope it doesnt come. I am going to test later in the week.


Jill - January 23

This is the 1st month of trying and hope I am pregnant. Will find out this week!!!


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

I wasn't trying to conceive, but I got pregnant exactly a year from getting off the depo shot.


Dawn - January 23

Jill, i will find out if i'm pregnant this week too! Been off the pill for three months but ttc dec and this month. af is due tomorrow! I'm anxious! I bet you are too???


amy - January 23

I got pregnant the first month trying. I just found out.


Rachel - January 23

I got PG the first month off the pill.


Lucky1 - January 24

Got preg. right away, first month...



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