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Student_of_Doom - March 11

Due to some weird curiosity, I chose to do an assignment in biology on the eating habits of pregnant ladies, and why in some cases the food they eat are far from normal (my mum has told me some horror stories). Because I am not allowed to interview pregnant ladies in hospitals about what they ate during pregnancy (a lot of red tap involved, patient confidentiality I think) I decided to go to a forum for pregnant ladies and ask for your help and information about what you have been eating whilst pregnant. If you know someone who is pregnant, but is not a member of this forum, please ask them to do the survey possibly through your account (only if your comfortable with that). Just for everyone’s information, I have never been pregnant (I’m 16) and therefore know nothing about this first hand, so if there is any additional information you would like to post with your survey, feel free to add it:) also I am sorry if I posted this topic in the wrong area (I’ve been in trouble for this many times in past forums) but I couldn’t figure out the best place to post this, so I settled for this:S Questions 1: (a)do you snack more (b)do you eat bigger meals 2: do you get food “urges” 3: do you crave the same things often; If so, what are they 4: has your intake of foods like bread, cereal, rice and pasta gone up? 5: has your intake of vegetables and fruit gone up? 6: has your intake of dairy products gone up? 7: has your intake of foods like meat, poultry, nuts, eggs, fish and beans gone up? 8: has your intake of foods with high levels of oils, fats and sugar (sugar has to have been added to the food) 9: are there any particular foods you have not liked whilst pregnant? 10: are there any particular smells you don’t like whilst pregnant?


Val - March 11

1)a)yes b)no; 2) yes, 3) yes - oranges, chocolate, ice cream, random meals (like hamburgers), 4)no, 5)yes, 6)yes, 7)yes, 8)no, 9) 1st trimester - didn't like most food! Survived on sushi and french fries mostly! 10) couldn't stand the smell of my refrigerator. Anything slightly off made me queasy. Good luck with your a__signment!


sososleepy - March 11

Hi Student. If you dropped the doom, you might get a few more answers.... I was pg so long ago I don't remember. My last pg ended in mc, so probably will throw your survey off. I'm ttc and will happily answer if I get pg again. I thought I'd add that I b___st fed both of mine, and on the 2nd I craved peanut b___ter cookies so much I made a batch every other day for a few weeks... OK, ok, I'll see what I can remember: 1 Y 2 Y 3 ? 4 ? 5,6, 7,8,9 I ate more of everything, tried to eat healthy, wanted more greasy fatty junk food 10 nearly any smells made me throw up, sometimes even food I wanted and liked


squished - March 11

1a. yes, b. no 2. yes 3. yes, KFC mashed pots, peanut b___ter, turkey sub from Subway and grapes 4. yes 5. no, except for grapes 6. no, the smell of milk makes me sick 7. no way, I couldn't even look at whole steaks or pieces of chicken for the whole first trimester 8. definelty like the sweets, but try not to eat oo much 9. steak and whole pieces of chicken 10. smoke, milk, car exhaust, dog poop Good luck and I agree with should drop the doom.


MNMOM - March 11

a)no b)no 2) yes 3)yes - ice cream, pineapple, strawberries 4)no 5) yes for fruits 6) yes 7) no, they have gone way down, with this pregnancy all meant disgusts me 8) no 9) have not like any meat as mentioned previously 10) depends on the day and the trimester! I don't like the smell of coffee, smoke, most mens cologne


docbytch - March 11

1...a)no b)defintely not 2)yes... 3)yes...french fries or snickers 4)somewhat 5)fruit definitely 7)no 8)probably 9) spicy food gets me...and usually I love spicy food 10)not really...but it's easier for me to become grossed out


docbytch - March 11

Oh and I like your name. I have dark humor as does my daughter so your name is totally great in my book!


bchorinsteinre - March 12

Q1) I want snacks all the time, but i eat normal sized meals. Q2) I dont know, i get overly hungry shortly after eating. But i tend to ignore it for atleast an hour since i had just eaten.Q3)I have had cravings for food that i dont know what it is. The only craving i have that i know what i want is when i want red meat. Q4)Yes, my favorite breakfast is a bagel, some cerial and some yogurt. Pasta for lunch and Rice with dinner.Q5)Yes.Q6)noQ7)meat yes, chicken no, nuts no, eggs.... After the first month eggs made me sick. fish, no. beans yes.Q8)I usualy craved chocolate once a month..... since ive been preggy its about once a week if not more... but when i eat sugar(with anything) i get really lethargic and shakey...Q9)Eggs, Fish, potato salad.Q10)Eggs, Clam Chowder(but it tastes so good!) and Chicken noodle soup......... I hope these answers help with your a__signment!


pregnantjackie - March 12

1: a, no, b, no 2: not really 3: No. except fruit 4:no 5: Fruits 6: yes 7:no-down 8:no 9:tea will make me throw up 10: everything, my sense of smell was horrible before and now I can smell everything from a mile away


jgandy - March 12

1.a) yes b) no, smaller meals 2. yes 3. usually fruit, watermelon 3. no 5. yes, I'm trying to eat healty 6.yes 7. I do eat more chicken 8. no, sweets are very good right now 9. I can't eat tuna fish 10. fish, bathrooms, jalopenos


Mommy1 - March 12

1)a.yes b.No 2.)Yes 3.)yes, chocolate, icecream and fruit (not all together though) 4.)Yes 5.)yes 6.)No 7.)no 8.)No 9.)Chicken 10.)peoples breath, and the smell of a bread bag when you open it to get a piece out! Good Luck!


Crystal Star - March 13

1) a. Yes b. Yes 2) Yes 3) Yes, I crave carbs!!! 4) Yes 5) No 6) No 7) Yes, meats 8) Not that I have noticed 9) I dunno! 10) Anything fishy


topper42 - March 14

Hi, I'm 16 to. But I'm 5 weeks pregnant... 1)no 2)yes 3)no I crabe whatever food I think of at the time. 4)no 5) yes 6) yes 7)no 8)i dont know 9) I haven't found any yet. 10) I've only been pregnant for a few weeks so maybe when I'm more pregnant i will know this.


freeflyingangel - March 14

1a)Yes b)sometimes 2.Yes 3.Yes, Beef Jerky, Crunchy Cheezies, French Vanilla drinks,Chips of any flavour, Salty Foods, Fettucini(sp?) Alfredo 4.Yes 5. A little bit 6.Yes 7. No 8.yes 9.Chocolate,Lettuce,Hamburger 10. Any kind of perfume, male deoderant(sp?),Burning food of any kind.


imamommy - March 14

1a-yes b-no 2-yes 3-yes; dill pickles, ice cream 4-yes 5-no 6-no 7-no;decreased 8-no 9-meat 10-smoke, the smell of new furniture, my husband's colonge


lawlady72 - March 14

1 a no b no smaller meal more frequently, 2 yes, 3 yes peanuts, cereal, 4 yes, 5 no, 6 yes, 7 yes, 8 no, 9 no, 10 perfume


Student_of_Doom - March 14

Thanks to everyone who has done the survey! Your really helping me out with this, and some of what you ladies have said has given me idea's about what to add to my a__signment/doc_mentary (my teachers sadistic). and after reading the comments about my name, I’m glad I didn’t go with Kinda^Evil :S anyways, keep the survey’s coming! Your all the best!



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