Pregnant Nun Costume Offensive

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Cee - October 30

I was planning on dressing up as a pregnant nun at work on Halloween (I am 33 weeks along) , but I do not want to offend anyone. Do you think it would be offensive?


Lisa*9 - October 30

If you ys be someone who will be oddended in ourblife some moment of the day ,so too met the pope there yes. But to bad what others thinkd for them,if you find someone offended tell tj there will alwa


Lisa*9 - October 30

Sorry my message was copied before I could finish it or correct it. The computer is acting weild. If you met the pope I would say yes. But if soeone is offended to bad tell them to get over it. There is always someone in our lives we offend in any given day,So have fun being a pg nun for the day.


sal - October 30

Not at all! I think it's a fantastic costume! You can never please everyone anyway, so wear what you like! 33 weeks pregnant? let your hair down, have a laugh.


jeanan - October 30

i think it is pretty funny also i have a co worker that is pregnant as well and that is what she is doing for halloween besides it is just for fun anyways....i am 23 weeks pregnant and I am going to be a moooo very funny


Gemma - October 30

Go for it


perv for preg nuns lol - October 30

love it ....but could you at least wear a mini skirt ? might as well go for it all the way lol


Beth S - October 30

You know there are always people in the world who will be offended by something but i say go for it. thats what i was one year and everyone thought it was funny


Cee - October 31

Thanks for all of your input-- Pregnant nun it is!!


~*sunny*~ - October 31

Hiya Cee, I just checked the forum this morning and had to read this message!! I went to a party saturday night and dressed as a Nun, not one person was offended, they all thought it was hilarious as I am 22 weeks pregnant, so I would say go for it girl, life's too short to worry about offending people that may be lacking in the sense of humour department ;)


to cee - October 31

I dressed like one (26 weeks) and wore a mini skirt --"bad girl nun" it was funny, sorry if people are offended, it is all in good fun.


~m~ - October 31

I think it is hilarious!! I also think pregnant hooker is funny! LOL Have fun tonight you bad girl!


Catholic - November 2

obviously none of you are Catholic. Yes it would be offensive..actually more obnoxious and attention-seeking than offensive. you must be very young.


to Catholic - November 2

And you must be ancient! Pull the alligator out of your a**. Not everyone cares about Catholicism. It's fun to get the Cats riled up over their primitive beliefs.


heeeelllllloooooo - November 2

hey catholic..... it's 2 freakin days later!! move on! its not halloween anymor! and why dont u EVOLVE whilst your at it


Raychel - November 2

Lmao I went as a pregnant nun when I took my lil bro trick or treating. Im almost 31 weeks so u could tell I was pregnant. I got weird looks, but hell, i didnt let it ruin my fun.



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