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lyn - November 25

For the past 2 weeks i have been cramping, felt bloated, and my stomach looks like i have a small pouch. so i waited for my period, but i haven't had it yet, so i thought i might be pregnant, so i took a pregnancy test but is negative. so what do you think, pregnant or not and how accurate are the home pregnancy test?


lola - November 25

i had that problem so i waited one week and did the test again and it showed positive, so i think your hcg is low and thats why it wasn't detected in your test.


KJ - November 25

i'm a bit like that. i had unpretected s_x a few weeks ago and times after that and i'm a few days late for my preiods and my nipples hurt a fair bit. ive taken tests but they show negative am i taking them too earley or am i just not pregnant?


nbp - November 26

i have never found a home pregnancy test to lie, and i have used just about every one of them, because i was tring to get pregnate for two years, and every month i took one. as far as your symptoms, well honey, the small pouch you see may be bloating or somthing, but you won't get a small pouch when you're pregnate untill you are about 4 months, even later for some women, and as for the cramping, well i never had any signs of being pregnate except for morning sickness, untill i was about 4 months, and cramping has just now became one, and that is because of braxton hicks contractions, because i am 38 weeks pregnate. i don't think you are pregnate, the bloating and cramping is probally just your period, if you don't start soon, like within the next few days, take another test, or ask your doctor.


nbp - November 26

oh and as far as the levels of hcg being low, remeber every one is different, but i took my test, the one that came up positive, and i didn't put enough pee on it, so i decided to add water, and i was only a couple of weeks pregnate when i went into the doctor the next week, so diluted mine when i took it, and it still came up positive, and it was right. no one can tell you for sure, we are all different, but take another test in a few days, and do it with your first morning pee, if you still don't start your period and you still have a negative answer, simply go to the doctor and they will give you a test.


MSRM - November 4

i had s_x a cppl of days ago and after that i have been having this 'stomach ache"....and it started rigth after this happen. This is my 1st time. can i be pregnate?


I... - November 4

...don't think you're pregnant. The tests are usually pretty accurate, unless you could have read it wrong. I did that once.


wendy - December 9

i had unpretected s_x for the first time a week later i had my period could i be pregnant?


tiffany-to wendy - December 9

if you had unprotected s_x and then got your period a week later, than you prob aren't preg. If you are trying to get preg, good luck and keep trying if not than I would recommend getting some sort of birth control so you won't have to worry.


crystal - December 13

i took two home pregnancy test and both said negative. Than once i was over a week late i just had a feeling so i went to the doctors and did the test there and it was POSITIVE!!!



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