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ddj - October 27

i am trying to get pregnant and had last period 10 10 04 first day cycle 29 days i know it is early but have felt very nauseus for the past four days like i do not want to eat in case i am ill this is not like me as i love my food also do the shop bought tests work earlier than missing your first period


Shannon - October 27

I had my last period on the first of this month (I'm also on a 29 day cycle) and found out yesterday that I am pregnant...let me just say I wasnt expecting that! Not only do I have NO symptoms whatsoever...but my period is not due for 3 more days! I was just being impatient and took the test (It was the dollar tree brand with 25mIU sensetivity)...just to make sure I wasnt crazy I bought 4 more brands of HPT's and took all of them this afternoon and they all say positive as well! I guess ANYTHING is possible! Good Luck!


Viv - October 27

You are thinking you started pregancy symptoms on Day 13 of your cycle, which means you probably ovulated Day 6 or 7. That would be unusual, but not impossible. I wouldn't be hanging my hat on that one, and I wouldn't be trying to test until a week after missing a period.


ana - October 30

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me to [email protected]


anafiel - November 1

Hello loved friend This is the information you were hoping, the present technology allows us to offer you an INTERNET PREGNANCY TEST yes, you have read right! From now on, you can ask for a test from your PC and you can obtain the result inmediately. The test is effective from the later 48 hours of gestation and it has the exactly of 99.9% (in case it is POSITIVE) and del 100% if it is result is NEGATIVE. You can know more about this in [email protected] where our operators will tell you the requirements and the costs Other products: s_x DETERMINATOR FOR PREGNANTS from the first week of pregnanay. You can inform about it thorungh [email protected] Note: these products don't intend to modify or subst_tute a medica determination, on the contrary we advised you to visit to your doctor in the time and the conventions required



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