Pregnant Or Not

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Sarah and Simon - May 5

Hi My fiancee and I are trying for baby for about 1 year and a half now, Last week i missed my period and did a Clear Blue Digital Pregnancy Test first thing in the morning which gave a Positive reasult, We where both over the moon and jumping for joy but couldn't help but have doubts so we brought a different make/brand of prgnancy test This time i took my urine sample around mid afternoon the reasult came back NEGATIVE? we are both very confused as we are not sure what is going on? Can you help, if the clear blue test arrived positive should i take this that we are pregnant?


mel - April 26

I did a test in the morning and it showed positive, I then did a 2nd test a few days later in the evening and even though it still showed positive it was very faint nowhere near as bright as the first. I went straight to my gp to get it confirmed and I was right. She said to me if a test shows positive then there is no mistake that you are pregnant. If I where you I would go to the doctors and explain what has happened, I think you will find that you are pregnant. Good Luck.


Birdy aka Jasmine - May 5

Well I think you shoul just go to the clinic or hospital and get a blood test done don't listen to those urine test okay God Bless U!!! WEST SIDE


jenjen - May 5

I understand what you are going through, my husband and I have benn trying to have a baby for almost a year. I have taken a few home tests in that time, and one thing I have been told is; you can get a false negative, but not a false positive. So, for your own peace of mind as well as your fiancee's , you should go have a blood test done. I wish you the BEST OF LUCK!


dalesgirl - September 17

False negatives seem to be pretty common. But I haven't heard of, nor read about many women having false positives.


Amber - September 18 have to be! GOOD LUCK!


robyn - September 20

i think you are pregnant!... god bless!


Stephanie - September 28

Hey, Im really confused I dont know if Im pregnant or just thinking I am. I got my period really light for about 3 days the next time my cycle came around it lasted 21 days on and off and very light. My brests are sore but only when I walk lots or press on them somtimes they throb. I keep getting lower abdominal cramps, heart burn, headaches, lower backach. I dont know what to think I just dont know what else could be causing these symtoms......PLEASE HELP


ana - October 2

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... world-wide newness... I give you my mail [email protected]



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