Pregnant Or Not Need Help

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Cristina - August 6

Hello! My name is Cristina, I am visiting this website for a week and today I just felt the need to talk and share my sadness with someone who can understand my feelings... The first day of my last monthy period was 29, June. On 22 and 23 of July I had a very light bleeding (didn´t even got my underwear dirty) that showed up only when I pee. On 24 and 25 the bleeding was more abundant but not like normal monthly period! Since that time I am feeling some strange symptoms like nausea, weakness, backache, headache, dizziness, a dizzy perfume smell, abdominal discomfort and cramping, swelled nipples, bigger br___ts, and my belly is also a little bit bigger. My clothes stop fitting in my waist and I thought I was pregnant... Although I feel all these symptoms, the three home pregnancy tests I made were negative! But I didn´t lost hope at that stage because my mother´s pregnancy was only detected on her 3.º month. She also had many pregnancy simptoms but the tests were all negative until her docter discover a tiny little embryo in her uterus at the 3.º month of pregnancy!! So, I went today to the docter to confirm my pregnancy... The docter made me a urine test and the result was negative again! Then he was so rude to me and made me feel like I was some crazy women pretending to be pregnant! I felt miserable and just wanted to cry! He told me to just return there when I have a positive pregnancy test with me... Now, I´m confused, depressed and don´t know what to feel or think... And I´m also feeling so bad for my husband and mother who, like me, want a baby so much... What should I do? Please help me. Give me some comfort words... Thank you very much.


m.m - August 3

I'm sorry about that....but alot of women confuse period symptoms with pregnancy symptoms...i did...but yah neevr know you could still be pregnant...don't give up hope


SaRaH - August 3

I think it would be best if you saw another doctor and explained to them the same thing that you said to us about your mom and request a blood test. As far as your husband give him comfort and ask him to continue to be there with you through this, GOD bless and good luck!


destiny - August 3

i hope you feel batter


Cristina - August 3

For M.M., Sarah and Destiny: Many thanks for your answers and support! I feel a little bit better today and your kindness gave me some strength... God bless you all!


SaRaH - August 4



Cristina - August 6

Hi everyone! I just want to tell you that I went to my gastroenterologist (because I don´t know if I have Crohn Disease or not) and she told me that I have no infection at all. All my blood levels are normal. I told her my pregnancy symptoms and told her what the gynecologist have said to me...She look at my belly and concluded that I must be pregnant!! She was so nice to me. She also asked me to do a blood and urine pregancy test, which I did yesterday morning. We will have the results next Thursday! Hope the result will be positive! I´m so full of hope, again...Wish me luck!



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