Pregnant W Twins Used U P Clomid

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faith1 - April 8

Anyone who ovulates normally and has become pregnant with twins using unprescribed clomid want to chat? Please only those who are non judgemental and really interested reply.


Carolina73 - April 8

I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm hoping to conceive twins! Did you get twins on u/p clomid? How much did you take and what days did you take it on? Did you take anything else with it or during your cycle?


faith1 - April 8

Carolina73: LOL!! I was looking for the exact same info. I hope I didn't mislead u with the way I wrote the ? If so, sorry!


Carolina73 - April 8

Do you have an email or something? We could be cycle buddies and do it together!


Krissy68 - April 9

faith1 - When are you going to start taking clomid? Krissy68


faith1 - April 9

Carolina73 - worried about the whole stalker thing so don't want to put my email out there, but thanks that's very sweet. How about we hook up here? Oh, I just ordered my clomid, said it's supposed to be here in 2 weeks.Krissy68 - Just ordered it, waiting...


Krissy68 - April 11

Hey ladies well I will be doing another round of clomid what days will you all be doing your? I got AF today and Inormally take mines on cd2-6 but so far my meds haven't came so that means my days will be off this cycle or might not be able to use them at all. Is there anything else I could use? Krissy68


faith1 - April 11

Hi Krissy68: I've just ordered my clomid, they say I should get it in 2 weeks. After that I'm not sure about the details. I've been reading what everyone else is doing. I'm hoping we will get a hit on the site from someone who is preggie w/ or has had twins using u/p clomid so I can ask the details. But even then everyones' body is so different...?


Trinityjae - May 21

This is very interesting to me. I'm already 7 weeks pregnant with my second child but would love to know where to go for clomid in the future.


helpmetohavetwins - May 31

hmmm can some one help me ? i dont understand some ladies here talk like oh i got my HP after my CMQ 3 weeks od my POD AND I DONT UNDERSTAND NOTHING HELP ME whats day 3 4 5 i need help im trying to read and inform about clomid but like this i dont think i would even understand


Bryandi - May 31

LOL......CD = cycle day (day 1 is the first day of heavy bleeding) HPT = home pregnancy test, BFP = big fat positive, BFN = big fat negative. You typically take Clomid days 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, 4-8, or 5-9. O = Ovulate or ovulation. AF = Aunt Flow (your period) 2ww is the 2 weeks wait or the time between ovulation and AF's scheduled visit. Also known as the luteal phase. I hope I helped! Faith, I tried for the twins, but only got one bean cooking in there. I know a handful on here that have conceived twins on u/p clomid.


Teddyfinch - June 1

actually, you don't take it on days 1-5 or 2-6. the eggs aren't mature enough and you end up with a blighted ovum or a miscarriage for another reason. i would stick with 5-9.


twin_desire - June 2

Hi, Im in the same boat Carolina73 and faith1, have you had any success yet? I have a 20mth daughter but had a really bad pregnancy due to preeclampsia, so really wanted to conceive twins so wouldnt have to go through anymore pregnancies. I have just received my unprescribed clomid, but didnt have a clue what dosage or when to take, Im just about to stop my contraceptive pill in a few days, so wanted your help with any info?


Jessicab3 - June 2

Teddy, not sure where you got your info but I've looked at numerous studies out there that compared clomid start dates and there is no evidence that the earlier dates cause m/c in fact I found one study that showed a higher pg rate at cd1-5..... It really doesn't matter what days you start it, anywhere between cd1-5 and cd5-9 is fine. Just remember you will O about 5-8 days after you last pill.... twin_desire you may want to check with your doc before taking clomid. A twin pregnancy already increases your risk of preeclampsia and if you experienced it with a singleton I would worry what a twin pregnancy would do to you.... As to the dosage, 25-50mg is all you need. There are numerous studies out there and they show no benifit to the higher doses. In fact the pregnancy rate is always higher on the lower doses if you already ovulate. The anti-estrogenic effect of the higher doses probably make it harder to get pregnant and increase the m/c risk.


twin_desire - June 2

Jessica thank you for the info, I have already discussed preeclampsia issues with my doctor etc so I feel rea__sured, thank you for your concern. its nice to have people on your side. So taking lower dosage actually increases your chance of twins then? and you only take them for 5 days?


Jessicab3 - June 2

Yes you only take it for 5 days, most of us take it somewhere in the middle like cd3-7. You have the same chance of twins no matter what the dose but the larger doses cause more side effects so I would suggest trying the 50mg. If you have bad side effects then lower to 25mg. You also don't want to take for too many cycles. If you don't get pg after two or three months then take a break. In our TTC twins group we have one twin momma who conceived with two days of 50mg and three days at 25mg and another momma who conceived twins on her break. (clomid stays in your system for up to 60 days) Ladies trying the larger doses are not having any luck so we have all started trying the lower doses.


twin_desire - June 2

Thanks Jessica. I also heard that you get lots of side effects from taking clomid, and that most people take it first thing in the morning? If that is the case would it not be better to take your dosage before you go to bed?



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