Pregnant With Period Happend To Anyone

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Hopeful - September 15

I am pregnant, but when i was scheduled to start my period, i did, with bleeding and cramps, but not excessive. I am done bleeding, and still 'feel' pregnant. I don't think that I had a miscarriage, it never hurt unbearably, and the bleeding wasn't horrendous. They say that some women have their 'periods' and continue to have normal pregnancies. Has this happend to anyone? Please help!


Viv - September 15

Yep! Happens all the time. Browse a bunch of the other posts. It's not really a period, and may continue for the first several months. They call it "threatened miscarriage", but most of the time that is not what happens. Don't be alarmed. Stay on course. I hope you are getting prenatal caunseling.


Nikkele - September 16

I really thought I was pregnant too until I got my period late Monday night. I got cramps Tues, a little different than usual cramps. It was moderate-heavy until last night (wed) it lightened up alot. What could this mean? Could I still be pregnant? I took a test Tues morning, and it was negative. Im so confused. I was so sure that I was pregnant. Help!


dale - September 16

Nikkele, maybe your levels are too low to pick up a pregnancy just yet. The only reason I knew I was pregnant was a positive test, but because I got my period, I would of had no idea if I were or not without a positive test first, getting my period freaked me out, I thought I was free from that for a while! Good luck. test in a few days, try the First Response test in the morning.


linda - September 17

it is possible that you can be pregnant and still have your period,i had a friend who was pregnant and still saw her period for four months.


Jen - September 17

Nikkele, I had the same thing happen to me last month. I had most of the PG signs and I have never felt the way I did last month. My period came a day early and I was so suprised because I was sure I was PG. I went to the DR to get tested that day and it was negative. I still think I could possibly be pregnant and I haven't tested again yet. I would be about 7 weeks if I am. I was wondering how it turned out for you?


monique - September 17

yes this happened to me I was supposed to have bed rest for two weeks but i did not listen and i had a miscarriage. Just don't work yourself and listen to your doc!


Nikkele - September 19

I'm taking a hpt tomorrow, because im peeing alot and im suuuper tired and im nauseous after everything i eat. We'll have to see. I'd be 5 weeks if I am.


ana - October 2

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... world-wide newness... I give you my mail [email protected]



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