Pregnant With A Period

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Ann - January 29

is it possible to be pregnant and still get your period? if so how long can it last? i ask because i get that trow up feeling but dont actually do. for a few months now and it seems to get worse every now and then. and ive spoted a few times but am still getting my period. or could it be something else?


Mimi - January 30

I'd like to know too, anyone ? PLZ


kat - January 30

some women bleed through out pregnancy,more so in the first trimester,have you tested?


Colleen - January 30

I was pregnant for two months before I found out because I was still having periods, although they weren't what I would call normal. Right after I believe my baby was conceived, I started bleeding, more than spotting but not like a regular period. Some times I would go a week without bleeding, but then it started again. I went through the nausea feelings before I knew I was pregnant also. My doctor says its both from the egg being fertilized in the fallopian tube, and you can still have bleeding before it implants in the first 10-12 weeks, and it can also be from a bacterial infection common to new pregnancies. Talk to your doctor.


ann - January 30

thax for all your advice. ill have to talk to my doc i guess. ive done a test but it showed up neg. but i still have the nausea feeling all the time, weird cravings and always tired... i dont know what else it could be.... But wouldn't it show up on a test if i was? ??


colleen - January 31

Its possible that if you are only a few weeks, it might not show up on a test. Get the EPT test or get one from your doctor, they are the most accurate. Planned parenthood does them for free if money is an issue. You also sound like you have some signs of blood mineral deficiency or anemia, in which common signs are fatigue and nausea. If you ever get dizzy, or if your skin seems drier than normal, you might want to start taking supplements, which you will have to do if you are pregnant anyway. Good luck, keep me posted!



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