Pregnant With A Todler

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Donna - September 3

Hi everyone! I have a 2 and a half year old son. I am now 6 weeks pregnant with second child. My husband and I are very excited, but also feeling a little guilty. We don't want to take away any of the love or attention from our son. We are sure we will love this new baby just as much. Has anyone felt this way or is feeling this way? Please let me know!!!


MILISSA - August 31

I TO AM PREGNANT AND HAVE A 2 AND HALF YEAR OLD. I AM NOT SOO SCARED ABOUT THAT MORE ABOUT TAKEN CARE OF TWO AND TRYING TO MAKE HIM FEEL THE SAME. I also have a Q for you, have you felt any pressure in your stomach the only way I can explain it is contractions. just no pain. when I move it contracts and when I get up ex.. any help. AND YES YOU WILL HAVE ENOUGH LOVE FOR BOTH OF THEM DONT YOU FEEL IT NOW. GOOD LUCK TO YOU


frances - August 31

i have 2 kids and they are 16 months apart..i am a stay at home mom so it is very easy for me to give them both the attention they deserve...i sorta felt the way you feel because my oldest son is not my husbands real son but my second one is...i felt as my husband would push my son to the side for his own real son but in the end we are just like one big happy family...the boys get along great and they protect each other...they are now 2 1/2 and 1...they are hilarious together..dont worry about anything your kids will grow attached to each other and since they are close in age it will be easy to show each one of them the love they deserve...i am expecting baby # 3 now due in may 2005...good luck!


Donna - August 31

Oh, thank you for responding! I'm glad I'm not the only one with worries about having 2 little ones. Our first pregnancy was unplanned. So, this second one has been a little more stressful. The first time we were too nieve to worry about anything. Now we know how wonderful it is to be pregnant and have a baby! There is more pressure to be healthy and happy. No, I'm not feeling any pressure like contractions. Just bloating and tender! Good luck to both of you!!!


Laurie - September 1

My husband and I feel the same way. We are pregnant with our 2nd daughter, and anxious about loving two equally.....I'm so happy to hear others feel this way too!


danielle - September 3

i am nearly 6 months pregnant and have a 3 year old.she is excited about our baby as i told her she could help me look after baby.the way you love your child is the way your child will love his/her brother/sister it comes naturally.jelousy comes natural too but we are planning to buy our daughter a little presants from our new arrival when the time comes


erin - November 4

i am also pregnant with second child, she is 2 and this has been a crazy second pregnancy.i am 39 wks pregnant and am ready for him to come. my husband and i are not really worried about her feeling neglected b/c we will incorporate her into every activity with the baby. plus we think she will want to help me take care of the baby, she will be curious. i think all little children are willing to accept a new little person, especially if you ask them to help. i am just really excited and anxious for the little guy to come.


kellie - November 4

Erin When is your actual Due date I to am 39 weeks preg with a girl Due date Nov 7th But i doubt i will deliver by myself.....this is my 4th child and all my children are incorporated into everyday life with every child i have had so far my husband and i where concerned at first about this subject too but my youngest right now is doing well we will see how she acts when we actually bring her little sister home...Good luck to you all


KM - November 4

I have heard that instead of your love being divided between two kids some how it just multiplies, and you can never really explain how you feel about them till you experience it :) Everything should be fine!


erin - November 4

kellie i am due on the 10th i am 1 and a half cm dilated, well i was on monday, i have an appt tomorrow so i hope there is some progress.


kellie - November 4

I hope that you are further along on your next apt i am currently 2+ cm dialated and 75% effaced with the baby at a -2 station right now...they had to stop my labor several times in the mid 30 weeks so i am almost over but now that i am off the medications it is like she is just staying put....Good luck to you



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