Pregnant Women Increased Cm

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Mere - October 30

Hi. My question is simple. My husband and I are ttc #2, #1 was a surprise so I am not sure how long this will take...My AF is due Nov 2/3 but since yesterday I am experiencing an abundance of clear wet MC and am hoping this is am early sign of pregnancy. Did any of you who are currently pregnant have anything similar to this? It feel like AF is here buit nothing yet. Thanks


Renee - October 30

Hello there! You know everyone is different that way. I have read that a lot of women do have an increase in discharge right away with pregnancy. For myself, I was pretty "dry" until about my 12th week. The "dry" discharge was more like very thick, creamy discharge whereas now, since reaching my 12th week, it is more wet, runny, clearish. I know its hard to wait but take an early hpt in the next couple of days. You never know!! Good luck and best wishes!


Beth - October 30

I'm wondering the same thing. I usually have ewcm a few days during o'ing, but it's lasting a long time this time, almost a week! How long have you been having it? How long after o'ing did it last?


jena - October 30

i do remember that from right before I got pregnant- we were ttc so i was paying close attention and kept going to the restroom thinking I had gotten my period but it was just heavy discharge. i'd take a test once you have missed your period - good luck!


Beth - October 30

My last period was on Oct. 12. With this problem, should I test or wait until I've missed a period? I'm not uptight about these things anymore and have no problem waiting, but just wondered what you all think.


to beth - October 30

save your money on tests and wait til your late. Then after one bfp you can go in for you beta without spending a ton of cash on sticks.


Mere - October 31

Thanks ladies...My Af should arrive tomorrow so I will let you know...I plan on testing Wed morning if nothing happens tomorrow. Still tons of CM, but I don't feel strange otherwise. Beth, I have had an increase since I O on the 15...every day feels liek little gushes...but nothing is ever there...but my panties are wet so I start wearing a pantyliner...I would wait on testing until the 1st day of your missed period, mine is we'll see. Good luck and let me know.


ker - October 31

yes i had that as early as 2 weeks pregnant.


Mere - October 31

Thanks Ker for replying, every little bit gives me hope.



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