Pregnant Women Please Read And Respond I Really Need Help

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mg - December 11

I really need advice on what to do. I ovulated early this month (the 24th, very strong CM signs), my DH and I bedded on those days. Based on the luteal phase timing (14-16 days) I should have had my AF on the 7th, which makes me around 5 days late. I have never been this late before in my life. I am very sick to my stomach, I have been napping like crazy, eating like crazy or I get sick which defeats the purpose because I feel sick after I eat anyways. My br___ts are SOOO swollen and sore, I can barely sleep they hurt so bad. I have had cramping, but more like cramping in my lower back and below my belly button, mostly when sitting longer then 20 minutes. I feel like I am going to start AF any minute, I keep running to the bathroom just waiting to see AF, but nothing, not even discharge or any sort. I have taken several HPT and they are negative. I may have implanted 3-4 days ago because I felt a very strange sensation in my AB then. My questions are, how long did it take you to get a BFP, and what should I do. The waiting game is killing me, and I just really need support right now.


Emy - December 11

I am sorry that you are so stressed out. How about asking for a blood test? They will be reliable sooner than hpts and will give you the answer you are looking for. Good luck and baby dust!


kiddolebel - December 11

I never showed positive on ept's with my son until i was like almost 6 days late. Might just not be enough hormone in it yet. Dont stress about it though, I know easier said than done. Ask for a blood test. Good luck and lots of baby dust!


mg - December 11

So you think I should just keep testing until I am 7-8 days late before going to the MD for a blood test? What is SO upsetting, is if I am not pregnant then I just want AF to arrive, if I am pregnant I just need to see a BFP, but as the waiting game keeps going on the more upset I get in fear of a major let down. I just feel like crying.


Kiddolebel - December 11

I know hun and Im sorry you are so stressed about it. The first month I went off the pill with this pregnancy, my husband and i tried before he left for two period was TWO weeks late!! I was stressed as all heck. If you want to continue testing thats your choice, depends on how much money you want to spend. Just try to keep thinking positive and you and hubby go out for a nice night together and just concentrate on one another. when my hubby came home from his trip i concieved this second child, it was a VERY relaxing night and sure enough i got pregnant. Waiting games suck and i wish either af would show or you get a positive result soon, preferably the positive result though =) If not just keep on trying but enjoy one another while doing so.


mg - December 11

The thing that worries me, is that stress can influence your ovulation timing, but not your luteal phase time. So if a women is really stressed that may delay her ovulation which then in turn would make her think her period is late, but in reality she just ovulated later then expected. Once ovulation has occured the luteal phase (14-16 days to menstration) will occur no matter what stresses are involved. So if I was unsure of when I ovulated I wouldnt be so concerned, but I know that I ovulated on the 24th, which means I am really late or I have a hormonal issue going on. Thanks you all for being so sweet and kind, I really needed this from you.


Olivene - December 11

I got a bfp the day my period was due. Sorry that doesn't help you! The instructions on the test said to wait until one week late. Lots of people on this site have said it took a lot longer. Good Luck!


Ronni - December 11

Good Luck! :)


Jbear - December 11

I didn't get a positive until a week after my period should have started, with my first pregnancy. With my second, I tested three days before the period was due, and got a positive. I had a strange feeling in my abdomen both times, like someone had stuck me with a pin, just once.


mg - December 11

Well I just took two different brands of HPT and both had very very faint positive lines on them. I took the second one 40 minutes after the first. So I bought a digital with a sensitivity of 25, and I will take it after holding my pee for a awhile, and if thats negative I will take it in the morning. I hope this is the real deal, not just stupid evaporation lines or something.


Jbear - December 11

If you want more info on different brands and evaporation tests and stuff like that, check out gross name but good info


mg - December 11

I went to pee on a, its a great website. I just took a digital and it said not pregnant, the others lines were so faint, I dont know if they picked up a HCG level lower then 25miu, or they were just evap lines. I guess only time will tell.


Jbear - December 12

Try again in the morning. With all the symptoms you're having, it sounds like you've got a really good chance. Let us know, too.


elizabeth - December 12

To me it doesnt sound like you are pregnant. I always started mine month by month like if i started say on the 24th then my next month would be like around the 20-22nd. But everybody is different, but only time can tell...


J - December 12

I was five days late when I finally got my positive test. I was testing practically every day prior to that. Good luck - it sounds like you are pregnant!


B - December 12

Please take a blood test!


MeM - December 12

mg please keep us updated, what kind of test did you take that you got the faint lines on? I took the first response and it was very faint but then I took and equate it was positive. Goodluck!



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