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jal239 - June 4

My husband and I will begin ttc in Dec, but we aren't trying to prevent it now. If we got pregnant now that would be great too. My question is should I start taking prenatal vitamins now or wait till we are closer to Dec. I have been taking a one a day vitamin, but was just wondering if it would be alright to start taking them now. Thanks.


AngelSummers - June 4

When I first told my doct. that I was trying to get pregnant he put me on prenatals.


venus_in_scorpio - June 5

i've read that getting extra folic acid even before you become pregnant is good for the baby so go for it. I dont really take them and I'm 16 weeks pg but it certainly won't hrt to take them! Actually read the label on the one a day and make sure its not similar. Prenatals probably have little to no vitamin A... make sure you are NOT getting too much Vitamin A, or Vitamin D, A can be very detrimental to the baby. Natural vitamin A or vitamin A from beta carotene is OK tho so try sweet potatos and carrots for that. well good luck.


venus_in_scorpio - June 5

oh - youre probably not going to want to take both. you can tell your OBGYN that you may become pg this year and s/he can help you with that too.


MyFirst - June 5

Take the prenatals instead of the one-a-day. There is no harm in taking prenatals before you get pregnant or anytime after. I have found them to be the best thing ever...I have not even gotten a cold for the year or so I have been taking them.


oz - June 9

i would at least take folic acid. My dr told me any woman who is having s_x should take folic acid just in case they fall pregnant. She said as long as you maintain a healthy diet the prenatal vitamin isnt necessary. I personally will take folic acid until i fall pregnant then take a prenatal vitamin.


Lynne - June 9

I have started taking one folic acid (800 mcg) per day. I was told to start taking it 3 months prior to ttc. However, I just started taking it last month and I am ttc. The reason is to prevent what is called a neural tube defect. It wouldn't hurt to start taking the prenatal vitamins now, there are a lot of benefits. Some women who aren't even ttc take them to strengthen their hair and nails. But the folic acid is a great thing to go ahead and start taking about 3 months out (if you don't want to take the prenatal vitamins now.) If you do take them (vitamins) then do not take a folic acid supplement. The vitamins will have the folic acid amount in them.


caligrl03 - June 10

Hi. I'm ttc too and I just went to the gyn for my yearly exam and she told me that you should take something if you're trying. She said that a multivitamin would be fine for now. Good luck :)


LilMomma - June 13

i never took prenatal vitamins they made me sick and even the folic acid pills made me sick but I am having a healthy little girl. with no birth defects so its totally up to you


jennd77 - June 13

When I told my doc back in Nov. that were were "trying"...he asked me about my daily vitamins. I told him I took Centrum one-a-day and he said that was fine. (has 400mcg of folic acid...which is the minimal you'd need to take.) After I found myself pregnatn, I was taking my prenatal AND my one-a-day (because the nurse said it was fine.) Come to find out, that nurse was WRONG...that you should take one or the other. Sadly I miscarried...but i"m still taking the prenatals as we plan to start TTC as son as my body permits.


CaliTrish - June 14

Check to see if your multi vitamin has at least 400 mcg of folic acid. If not, start taking a folic acid supplement along with your multi vitamin. Once you get pregnant, you'll want to switch to a prenatal vitamin that should have at least 800 mcg of folic acid. You can also switch to a prenatal vitamin if you run out of one-a-days.


Tiffany814 - June 15

When my hubby and I began TTC I called my doctor and she prescribed prenatal vitamins (PreNate Elite)- I think they are the best! They worked great for me. I felt great while taking them! We started trying in January and conceived in March, I have no morning sickness and feel great- I'm 12 weeks and 4 days right now. Good luck!



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