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phillygir1 - March 7

I am new to the pregnancy world and I also have a bad stomach...which means no more prevacid for me :( So the doctor gave me prenatal vitamins to take and I heard so many horror stories how woman get sick from them. I take Flinstones everyday and they do not effect my stomach and I also know some women who took them instead of the prenatals the doctors gave them. Can I take Flinstones and if so, how many? The one I take now had 400mcg of Folic Acid...HELP!


crackersforme - March 7

I'm not positive I'm pregnant yet or not....calling the docs Friday morning, as I haven't had a pd. since January 5th & I've been regular my whole life..but anyways, I just had to post that I LOVE my flinstones!!! I take the ones with Iron added. Who would have ever thought I'd look forward to taking a vitamin everyday. I think they'd be fine for you to take if the others upset your stomach......


nikki2204 - March 7

Hello--- I just wanted to tell you that I take chewable pre natals and they taste just like Flintstones!!! That's why I take them. They are called Nutrinate Chewables, ask your doctor if he can give you a perscription for those instead. Otherwise.... you should be fine taking 2 flintstones.... he told me that before I switched to the chewables.


April4 - March 7

Hi Phillygir1 I'm April. I'm 18 weeks into my 4th pregnacy. I've never heard of taking Flinstone vitamin when your pregnant. Women work differently, some don't get sick at all from prenantal vits but me.... I've always gotten really sick. I always take mine right before I get into bed. Sometimes I still get sick feeling, I just curle up and try not to think about it... it pa__ses later. It's your business but I really beleive all pregnant women should be taking prenatal vits. They have the extra things that you and the baby need. For example you said the Flinstone has 400 mcg Folic acid. That is fine for a child or maybe an adult, but to be me its not enough for a pregnant woman. My prenatal pills have 800 mcg Folic acid and that is one of the things thats important to a developing baby. It helps reduce the risk of birth defects. I think you should talk to your doctor about this. If you did refuse to take the prenant vit. after talking to your doctor, you can actually buy pills that are just folic acid, but again thats something you should talk to a professional about it. I just personally don't think the Flinstones is enough for you and your precious baby. :) April


kpeck - March 7

Phillygirl... I don't know anything about the Flinstones and whether they are good enough... but I know that my doctor said I needed at least 800mcg of Folic Acid each day... I think, however, that you can get Folic Acid in a separate vitamin (but I could be wrong). I take my prenatal before I go to bed... with milk or a little food, and the early stomach upset I had is gone... or I sleep through it.



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