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nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

Okay...I have been taking the prenatal vitamins and they are making me absolutely sick. I think it would be better to eat food that has iron and folic acid in them than getting sick on the vitamins....i mean, me not keeping anything in my stomach can't be good for the baby. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and really do not want to have this happening my whole pregnancy. should i just drop the pills and pick up the right foods???


Evonna - May 19

That's the whole point in you taking prenatal vitamins. If your not eating healthy everyday then you will have to take the vitamins for you & the baby's sake. I hate taking prenatal vitamins, but since i am not an healthy eater, i have to take them. Some pregnant women take them flintstone vitamins that kids eat because they feel it's much better. You don't have to take prenatal vitamins, just start eating meals with iron, zinc, magnesium, folic acid, etc. Because if you don't eat healthy NOR take your prental vitamins, your baby could have birth defects is what my doctor told me.


olivia - May 19

You can just take folic acid. 400mg a day. They don't make you nauseous and will cover your need to help prevent spinal defects. That is what my dr. recommended if I couldn't stomach the prenatal vitamin.


nikki_firstimepregnant - May 19

ok. where can i get that? is it a prescription or can i get it over the counter?


angie m - May 19

I hated taking the prenatal vitamins with my first . They always made me sick and I quit taking them. My baby didn't have any birth defects but he was very small for being full term. I had him at 38 weeks and he was only 5lb. 6oz. With my other two pregnancys I would take my vitamin half way through eating my dinner. It really helped me not feel sick and my other two babys were bigger so I do think they helped. Hope I help some.


olivia - May 19

You can get them over the counter in the vitamin asle. They are tiny tablets (usually 400 in one jar). They will just say Folic Acid 400mg tablets on the jar. Good luck to you


Chelle - May 19

I had the same problem. So I started taking them right before I went to bed and that helped a lot.


sarahbaby11 - May 19

i got sick ith my first i stopped taking them and forced myself to eat right also i just got folic acid and took 400mg. it turns out it was the iron making me sick. maybe look for a prenatal without without iron and see if that helps you at all.


olivia - May 19

Sorry it is 400 mcg not 400mg of folic acid. I think that is the only way they sell them though.


trevino82 - May 20

HI, I am not sure where you live but what I did is went to HEB which is a local grocery store here in texas, and bought the over the counter prenatal vitamins. They are great!!! I never feel sick because of them, and I get all of my nutrients I need for the baby. I am sure you could find some at wal mart. Or you can even ask the doctor to switch you to another brand of vitamin!! GOOD LUCK!!!


Olivene - May 22

I found that the prenatals helped my morning sickness- I guess that was lucky! I am living in Japan and pregnant women do not usually take vitamins here- the babies are fine. It seems they are careful about their diets. They are also allowed to gain less weight than we Americans are. I would take the folic acid, just to be safe, though. If you can eat well, I wouldn't worry too much.


hopefulljules - May 22

I don't have a baby yet, but I ma taking prenatals so I can get all the vitamins I need to concieve, and the dr gave me 4 samples of brands to test, because she said some would make me sicker than others. So maybe getting a different brand would help, but if it doesn' friend got very sick with the prenatals too, and she did start taking the kids flinstone vitamins. The baby is now a week old and his birth weight was good and he's a healthy baby!


AMS82 - May 22

I am not pregnant but ttc. i have been taking otc prenatal vits for about 1 1/2 months now they are 2 small ones you take once a day. they don't make me feel sick at all. they are One Source Complete Prenatal they have 800 mcg Folic Acid. they came from Wal-Mart. Also i have read that the only effective way to prevent spina bifida is to be taking folic acid before coneception. a baby develops spina bifida at about 4 weeks gestation, the tube in the spianl cord has already formed when most women find out they are pregnant. don't know the truth to it but its a little FYI.. best of luck.


Lynne - May 24

The folic acid does help prevent neural tube defects. The prenatal vitamins contain the folic acid as well. But one thing I tried was to take my vitamin after eating. I noticed that if I took it in the morning I was sick to my stomach, so I would wait until lunch and take it after I ate. That seemed to work better for me. It is important to take them so try and take it at different times and with food. Also, if you are having morning sickness try to keep some ginger ale or giner snaps next to the bed and when you get up either eat a couple or drink some ginger ale. The giner in these help to ease morning sickness. Congrats on your pregnancy and I wish you the best.


Cari - May 24

They say some women need to try a few different pre-natal pills before one "clicks" with her body. The first pill I took made me sick also, so I had my doctor perscribe a different one. This one is better, but I have to take it with food. What I found works for me is hard boiled eggs. I have some in the fridge and every morning I eat a hard boiled egg and then take my pre-natal. I have not felt sick since I started doing this.


starr - May 27

I had extremem morning sickness for the first 3 months so I could not take any type of vitamin/pill b/c it would not stay down. My ob said that I should take something even if it was just a Flintstones.Anything to help with the extra nutrients.I had no idea,I thought it had to be an actual prenatal vitamin.Now I take Spring Valley, an otc and everything is fine. Good Luck.


Grandpa Viv - May 28

By law in the USA there is enough folic acid (folate) in the average diet to prevent neural tube defects. Look especially on the label of whole wheat bread and cereals. Total cereal has 100% of the needs.



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