Prenatal Vitamins

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Maddie - May 5

Why do the nurses say not to take your vitamins with tea, or coke? I understand that this is not the "ideal" beverage while pregnant, but does it make the vitamins not work right? Just curious, cause I've taken my vitamins with coke, and with tea...not all the time, but does anyone know if they still work?


to maddie - May 8

I was told not to take my vitamins with milk??????


amanda.d - May 8

I was told not to take prenatal vitamins cause they cause morning sickness, instead i was told to just take 1mg of folic acid everyday.


April - May 8

Who told you not to take prenatal vitamins?? They do make SOME people sick... but I think it's better to take them not to take them (unless they make you throw up... then they're pointless) folic acid is definately good though...


Jbear - May 9

No one has ever told me not to take the vitamins with milk, or coke, or tea...I'm just glad when I can get the vitamins down.


... - May 9

Don't make it complicated for yourself. Take the vitamins with water. If you have a very bad case of morning sickness, lie down after having taken them. Try to keep it down for a couple of hours. Or take them just before you go to bed. That way your body's digesting them while you're asleep and then you can puke in the morning :-).


Mellissa - May 9

Wow, I have always taken mine with everything BUT water, I cannot swallow the vitamins, so I have to chew them, and they taste awful so I usually take them with something that has a taste like root beer, milk, or tomato juice, never water...I've taken them since I was 5 weeks, and I stopped taking them all together at about 18 weeks...I just couldn't stand them anymore...I hope I'm not hurting my baby...


* - May 9

I heard taking them with OJ allows for better iron absorbtion as well.


BBK - May 9

Maddie, coke, and many sodas are slightly acidified with phosphoric acid and will inhibit calcium absorbtion.( see the list of ingredients on the side of the can). Here is why: when food pa__ses from the stomach to the small intestine, bicarbonate is added ( by the digestive apparatus ) to raise the pH. Under the acid conditions of the stomach, the calcium in food (or supplements) is available, but when the pH goes up in the small intestine, the calcium reacts with the phosphate from the soda and precipitates. In that form, calcium phosphate, it is not available for absorption. If you must drink coke in general, you should increase your calcium supplementation and don't take it together. I don't know the reason for tea; I have access to 5 major biochemical databases, and nothing turns up about tea.....



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