Prenatal Vitamins And Morning Sickness

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meadra - April 4

I can not take my prenatal vitamins. They make me so sick. I'm 9 weeks and haven't taken them for a week now. Of course, I haven;t been able to keep anything down.... My doctor said it's ok as long as I'm eating ok. Eating ok? I'm not unless a steady diet of soda crackers and warm ginger ale is "ok." What do i do? My morning sickness isn't bad enough to go into the hospital and I'm not dehydrated. Am I harming my baby in any way?


Relax - April 4

The prenatal vitamins are for you, more so than the baby. The baby is going to take all it needs from you. Taking the vitamins just boosts what your body already has.


Missy - April 4

Take your vitamins at night with bread and b___ter and a gla__s of milk or ginger ale. I was the same way, they made me sicker than I already was. Things will get better soon, but you really should be taking them to help balance out your diet and you also need the folic acid for your baby's development. I am at 14 weeks now and feeling much better, but I still take my prenatals at night just to be safe!


marcia - April 4

Try to switch brands. I used Stuart natal. They made me sick, too. Now, I'm trying Vitafol. The first one I took was today, and it didn't make me nauseaous. Your baby will be ok. When the placenta takes over at around 12? weeks, you'll need to pay more attn to your diet, for now, your baby is fine.


Lori - April 5

Try taking your prenatal vitamin before bed, also there might be too much iron in it.


Liz - April 5

I took them at night because I had ma__sive sickness on and off all day. That worked for me! Great luck


Heather - April 5

My dr told me that trying to keep the prenatals down is vital. It is not just for the mother it is for the development of the umbilical cord in early pregnancy.


Heidi - April 5

My doc said to just stop taking them for a while. I take flintstone childrens vitamins every day instead. Better than nothing. Try a regular vitamin instead of your prenatal ones. Ask your doc first but I'm sure he/she will agree and would rather have you feel better and eating then sick all the time as the vitamins aren't going to help that much if you're not eating. I felt great after quitting mine at 9 wks and I ate much better. Try just taking a regular vitamin like One a Day or Centrum. Those won't make you sick.


M - April 5

I had the same problem with prenatal vitamins and after two weeks of hell I finally stopped too. Then my husband suggested taking them right before I go to bed and wouldn't you know the doctor finally responded two days later with the same idea. The pharmacist siad the same thing. If you take them at night your body gets the nutrition, but you don't feel the effects. Viola it works


meadra - April 5

Thank you all so much! I'm definitely going to try taking them before bed. I just can't wait for this c___ppy feeling to go away! Is it true that 12 weeks is the magic number? The beginning of the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy? I sure hope that's true....


kenya mama - April 5

i've been taking my vitamins at night with a small snack of bread and milk. it has helped my mornings go so much better. good luck!


Maleficent - April 5

i never took them with my first baby. i kept forgetting, and finally gave up. my baby was fine. with my second the vitamins were what was making me sick. i quit taking them untill i was 4 months, after that i was fine and could take them. i'd say try switching brands, try a different time of day, but if you honestly cant keep them down don't worry about it. stressing out will hurt you more than a few weeks of missed vitamins.


~S~ - April 5

I'm 19 weeks and i still get sick every now and then from taking them. I hate taking them, but I know I need them because I don't get the vitamins needed through meals.



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