Prenatel Vitamins

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Angela - August 18

I am 16 weeks and just got denied for health insurance and can not afford prescription prenatel vitamins, is it okay and just as effective to buy over the counter pills??? This is my first pregnacy and my pills are $50 for 2 weeks, help.


kellie - August 14

it is pefectly fine to get over the counter prenatel vitimans they have about the same things in them and some pescribed vitimans some women like myself cannot take so i have to have the over the counter good luck


child of one already - August 14

it's fine to get over the counter vitimans, while i was pregnant that is what i took. But you have to start taking something!


Angela - August 14

Thanks for your answers, I did register for medicaid and was covered only briefly until they said that my boyfried made to much money. Therefore I was let go. But i was taking prescription prenatel vitamins while on medicaid and just took my last one today. So over the counter should be fine???????


child of one already - August 14

yes over the counter ones are fine!


Dee - August 18

Walmart: Prenatal by Sundown $8 bucks


bell - May 4

its fine to use over the counter ones but if u cant afford the prenatal vitimans try flinstone vitimans thats what my obgyn told me ok good luck


April - May 4

I buy the spring valley ones from Wal-Mart... and my doctor said they're perfectly fine... plus every ultrasound and doctor's appt. i've had has said that the baby is healthy and growing strong :) what's good about the spring valley vitamins is there is a disintegration guarantee on the package... meaning they're guaranteed to dissolve in your system rather than just sit there until you.. get rid of them.. haha


britt - May 5

they are fine, in the beginning of my pregnancy i was too sick to take them and my doctor told me to take 2 flinstone vitamins and it is the same


: ) - May 5

The most important thing about a prenatal or multi-vitiman is the folic acid. Otherwise, they are the same thing. During pregnancy, or if you are planning to get pregnant, the recommended dosage is 800mcg I believe.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

Prenatal witamins have to live up to FDA standards, so it doesn't matter where you get them. I get mine from Costco for around $10.00, and it's almost a years supply. :o)


Heidi - May 5

I just take Flintstones cus the other ones made me so sick. Anything is better than nothing. Folic Acid is the key early on.


Morgan - May 5

FLINTSTONES!!!! They taste better than the others anyway! $50 for two weeks is CRAZY!!! Are the bottles gold plated?


April - May 5

the flintstones ones used to make me sick cause you have to chew them... and the flavor made me want to puke when i was going through my nautious phase... soon as i switched to regular prenatal vitamins i was fine.. haha.. guess i'm the opposite of you ladies


R - May 5

flinstone vit are very dangerous. They have aspartame in them. Look the side effort if aspartame.


tasha - May 18




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